What has happened to this year?! Autumn certainly creeped right on up, but the trees are fully surrendering their leaves (maybe the heat of summer got too much!) and there is definitely a crisp bite in the air… So those garden plans better park up for a couple of seasons (insert curse word here!)

But garden progress aside, autumn does have it’s moments and I wanted to share my 3 favourite autumn things with you:

Cosy Clothes

I feel like a walking talking Pinterest pin right now, with the boots and long coats and wooly knits… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fashionista!  But I had some help this season from the lovely KA at Life as Our Little Family to drop the frump (watch this space!) and the advice she gave me was fabulous.

Autumn clothesIt’s also that time of year where you can forget about styling your hair for the school run… Just pop on a bobble hat!

All the Soup

Hands up soup lovers!! There is just nothing better than coming indoors from the bitter snap of the outside and sitting down to a heart warming soup.  Soup season is most definitely here and I’m pinning some of my favourites to try.

3 things about autumn

When we renovated the kitchen we went for an induction hob and the lovely folks over at Robert Welch gifted us a gorgeous set of pans, suitable for a variety of hobs, which currently have 20% off… If you’re looking for new pans.  So now we’re all set for soup season.  It’s also worth mentioning, as we get asked a lot about induction cooking. I can honestly say I wouldn’t go back to gas now… Induction all the way!

The Striking Colours

The best things about autumn has to be how gorgeous it is and it’s not too cold that you can’t be out enjoying the amazing colours… Because let me tell you, it gets FREEZING up here in winter!

This has to be the best time of year to hit the local National Trust places and hunt for conkers and acorns (special mention to gloop, the tiny acorn that MM found and nurtured).  The kids just find it magical and it gives me all the fuzzy feels.

What’s you favouite things about autumn?


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