The beginning of April marks little MM’s half birthday.  I can hardly believe that my little 5lb 13oz baby was born a whole 6 months ago!  It feels like only yesterday that we brought her home from hospital.Colic Survival

Although born only a few days earlier than her sister was when she joined us, neither of us could believe it when MM was placed on the scales and we were told her weight…a whole 2lb lighter than her sister was.  She was the most perfect little bundle, her eyes still tightly shut when she was handed over.  Fast forward 6 months and she has come on leaps and bounds.

From the day we brought her home, we bathed her in the big bath with her sister.  We wanted them to end the day together and start as we intended to go on.  She protested at first, but 6 months on she loves nothing more than sitting there kicking and splashing away.  She is still in her baby bath seat, but I’ve been meaning to rake out the next one up for her, which means she’ll be more secure (and hopefully easier to bath both when hubs is away!)


Weaning is going well.  It’s funny watching her sook the heck out of a banana!  Her favourite foods besides banana is mummy’s beef stew, chicken & sweet potato and porridge.  We took the decision to move her onto cups during the day whilst weaning and I guess you just do what worked last time.  Well last time we did a gradual wean of half bottle followed by the rest in a cup.  Her sister was such a hungry baby, she couldn’t have cared how you served it up to her.  I could have passed her a saucer and she’d have still wolfed it up.  MM on the other hand was so full up after food and half bottle that she wasn’t remotely interested in anything else.  We tried feeding her less food, changing the quantities in the bottle, but it wasn’t until we just went cold turkey one day that she picked it up at the first feed and I could have kicked myself for the weeks of messing around…hey ho!

Only yesterday I spied 2 little top teeth poking through, after we’ve all been watching the bottom ones for months!  I’ll need to go hunt the internet for a baby toothbrush and have a think about what to do about her bedtime bottle.

first tooth MM at 6 months old

She’s also had her first nursery settling in session.  She starts 1 day a week in May, which is the same age that Munch was when she started nursery for a day a week.  This means I can crack on with work.  Munch starts school in August, so I can review where we are there and see if I need to put her up to 2 days (we have no support network here whatsoever).

It’s crazy how in such a small space of time they can turn from teeny little new born into a proper squishy little person.  I wonder what the next 6 months will bring for this little one!


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