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In my recent quest to organise those annoying little places around the house, it’s time to introduce you to my media ‘hidey hole’.

I’m not a lover of all the boxes that modern technology has brought us over the years.  Sky TV, Apple TV, Wifi router, Blue Ray player….I’m sure the list goes on.  Where possible, I’ve always tried to hide these away (and it’s less to dust!).

In our last house, our living room TV was mounted infront of the understairs cupboard, so even with our limited skills, we managed to drill through this wall and hide our sky box and DVD player out of sight.  With the use of a few remote control receivers (magic eyes) we could control these from the living room.  However, when we moved into our current house (some 3 years ago now!) it was the perfect opportunity to do some additional wiring before the internal walls went up.  So, we called in the experts!

What started of as a quest for a media ‘hidey hole’, turned into a bit of a technology whirlwind.  Before I knew it, not only did we have said ‘hidey hole’, but it had been substantially pimped up.  The experts had put the temptation in front of us that was too good to resist.  So let me introduce you to some of our gadgets that the ‘hidey hole’ contains, Sonos and Systemline.

What is Sonos?

Sonos is a music system allowing you to control your music wirelessly in any room through an app on your phone or tablet (or dedicated Sonos controller).  Sonos can be executed in various different methods, such as players and connectors.  We went for the Connect box, which allows you to stream unlimited music from a number of online music players, such as spotify (with an associated account).

sonos connect

We opted for 2 boxes, which means that we can be listening to different music, in different rooms in the house at the same time, from the same spotify account.  I’m sure this will benefit us in years to come (teenagers!)

On its own, Sonos is pretty darn cool and is a system that can be built up over time as a stand alone arrangement.  But, as I mentioned above, we teamed Sonos Connect up with a second system (I may lose the less technical of you here!  I barely understand it myself), a ceiling speaker and media set-up called Systemline.

What is Systemline?

Systemline is a multi-room media control system.  In simple terms, it centrally connects media systems Sky, Blu Ray, Apple TV and Sonos and makes it controllable via the ceiling speakers in any room in the house.  A few cool add ons are available, such as ipod wall docks, wall control panels and recently they have introduced touchscreen remotes (very much on our ‘I wish’ list, although I’m unsure if it would be supportable on our system), as well as Airway technology in their speakers.

Systemline media system

We find the 2 systems work seamlessly together.  We get a fabulous surround sound experience whilst watching tv, or listening to music in any room in the house, including the loo.  With everything neatly hidden away, out of sight (thankfully), yet ever so accessible.

So here is our little pimped up media ‘hidey hole’.  It’s a little bit industrial and not very pretty at all.  But, as it’s in a cupboard that we don’t use, I never have to look at it (I don’t even like to think about it!).  I suppose you could say it’s my dirty little secret (organised chaos!), although it’s a pretty neat secret.

organised chaos

The only thing holding me back from improving it further is my fear to disconnect anything!

Any suggestions on how to make this space less techy and more pretty?





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