Seven years ago today, I got married to my best friend.  It’s hard to believe everything that’s happened since then…the highs and lows.  But it’s only made us even stronger.

As it turns out, we now only stay a stones throw from the place we got married.  I remember the day as if it was yesterday…organised to the last detail (seriously…I gave family a personalised print out of the running order, with their part highlighted…so they knew where to be and when).  It’s very true that the day passes by in a heartbeat.  No sooner was a walking down the aisle, I was walking up the hotel steps to bed. The day passed by in a whirlwind…but a good one!

Wedding day

Here we are 7 years later.  With 2 house moves under our belt and 2 little ladies to show for our time together.  Yes we’ve had heart ache…we lost our first pregnancy, twins, which we discovered at the 12 week scan.  I don’t mind sharing, but the details of that day are something too personal to go into for now.  We have our precious ladies though and couldn’t be happier now.


Life is bloody busier than ever this year.  If you read regularly, you’ll know about our house plans, my job situation and the fact I’m now self employed.  Finding time to spend together this past year has been impossible.  Right now I’m working every evening, whilst hubs runs around after his day at work, preparing dinner and doing housework.  At best we spend 1 night together every few weeks.  I’m hoping this will get better.  After all, MM is only a baby once and I know that her physical demands will lessen over time as she starts to be able to do more for herself.  Also, as she starts nursery 1 day a week from May, I’ll have a huge chunk of time to work, blog (that’s now work too!) and even do housework, meaning I can hopefully free up at least 1 night every week to spend some time with Hubs.

Thankfully we are both very open about the pressures we have going on in our lives right now and know that it’s not forever.

LWU Mar 16 1

So, if I can make a pledge for our 8th anniversary…it would be to spend more time together.

Happy Anniversary Hubs!



  1. Happy anniversary! Your wedding day looks gorgeous! My hubby wore a kilt too (even though he isn’t Scottish- but his nan was and we got married in Scotland!) xx

  2. This made me quite emotional. You’ve been through so much, and deal with so much each week but you’re right – it’s not forever. Happy Anniversary you lovely pair x
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  3. What a lovely post! I can relate to the spending time together part. We get weekend evenings together which are lovely but that’s pretty much it for now! Happy anniversary. xx

  4. What a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, hardships and all. Beautiful post! Happy anniversary!

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