This last 12 months has changed dramatically.  This time last year I had the children during the day and worked in the evening and at the weekends.  I wrote a post about how I never saw hubs and that I would try to at least keep Saturday night free and we would have a little date night.

Since then, MM has started nursery.  Initially 1 day a week, which was a dream work wise and meant that I could do less in the evenings.  As this has gradually increased to 3 days, and with Munch now in school, I have an abundance of time…well not exactly.

Like most problems in life, no quicker have you solved them and another one pops up in its place.  Except it’s not really a problem.  This last 12 months has seen me start up my own marketing business, which I run alongside my blog. The 2 go hand in hand quite nicely really.  I’ve always been a it of a career junkie and this fills that desire perfectly.  However, now the jigsaw pieces are the other way round…I’m working during the day and ‘trying’ to keep my evenings and weekends free, as much as I can.

I guess it’s a luxury, because my work hours are flexible, but I try and make them as sociable as possible.  It makes me feel more human for one.  There is nothing worse than trying to knuckle down, when others are putting their feet up.  It goes against the grain, but recently I’ve been guilty of seeing this time as ‘bonus time’, more time that I can work and as such, filling it up with projects.  Which pretty much has me right back where I started.

Making time is definitely a constant re-evaluation and striking a balance is something that sits on a very fine line.  But this year I’m going to try and tinker with it and see if there is any fine tuning to be had and try and get this addiction to work under control.


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  1. It’s a constant battle, one which I think will always sway too heavily one side for a short while. Be true to yourself and hit ‘off’. Time goes so quickly as do our children’s years. Oh and that watch is a beauty z

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