It’s been a bit of a whirlwind this past year….falling pregnant last February…a less than perfect pregnancy….early maternity leave….redundancy…MM arriving and renovations.

I think it’s pretty fair to say our life as we knew has long gone.  No more full time nursery, weekends eating out, exploring the world far and wide.  Life has completely changed.  Ok, so that’s what happens when a baby arrives…but the plans of me returning to work (4 days a week) as a killer bitch in heels (not my real job title) is well and truly put on hold due to the redundancy and industry downturn.  As a self confessed career junkie trying to ‘have it all’, I’m now having it all in a very different order.

The changes have meant that I now get to spend more time with Munch and MM.  We had always planned to reduce Munch down to a 3 day week during my maternity leave so I could spend quality time with her before she starts school in September.  This is something that I’m really enjoying…although the current home renovations restrict what we can do when MM is napping.  I do have grand plans of baking and crafting…not the endless repeats of Home Alone 1 & 2 that we’ve been reliant upon.

Dynamics have definitely changed.  Yes I’m looking to make this blog my business and it will become my ‘work’ in time (it feels so odd to say that), but even then being self employed is a completely different kettle of fish from the office set up.  There’s no hierarchy, sense of authority, men in suits or people to help you out of the poop and share the coffee making.

All these changes affect how you feel as a person and it’s something that I’m still adjusting to.

So, I’m tackling it the best way I know how…facing it head on and kicking ass in all areas of life….and hopefully making it count.




  1. Change is good, I wish you best of luck with your new journey. You have a wonderful blog and a gorgeous family! x

  2. Good luck!! – and I hope you achieve all your new ventures (am sure you will…!). Sometimes life changes and you have to roll with it even though it feels so different, and it’s often even better than before!! I am kind of in the same position and yet am really enjoying the new life we now have xx
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  3. Lisa Backsnbumps Reply

    A very busy year in your household. It sounds like you’re really positive about this year though and the change in direction due to your redundancy. Looking forward to watching your blog grow x

  4. This is such a positive post. I love it. It is so true that when life changes and is taken out of your control then it takes a while to re-adjust. But it sounds like you and your family have a really exciting future ahead of you. And I really hope that you are able to kick the arse of all those fantastic goals. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  5. I am sure you will make it work and like i said I am always here if you need advice. I went from working part time to giving up work and concentrating on my blog full time. I have never looked back and make as much from blogging, plus all the perks as I did when I worked full time. Good luck my lovely! xx

    • Thank you so much Katie…that means a lot! It’s so daunting! I’m trying to set realistic goals. Nothing is happening yet…but it’s only been 7 weeks really that I’ve been making a go of it. I love hearing that other people have done it. I know it’s possible then x

  6. You are going to do amazingly with a head strong approach. I hope things get a little easier and less stressful.

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