It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted a little loves, but hopefully I’m back!  When I last posted I talked about a secret..well that’s still not been announced!  However, we have since had some news of our very own, in that 3 will become 4 in October.  It’s not been an easy ride (you can see why here) but we’re getting through it and October will soon come round!

This week has been busy for me, now I’m back on my feet.  We’ve been to the cinema, friends birthday parties and shopping!


This week I’ve been back at work. So I have read 6 weeks worth of emails!  That’s alot of emails!!


I’m hooked on Masterchef this series.  It’s the first time I’ve watched it, but I’m loving it.  I have no predictions, as I can’t even remember their names!


Lots of baby questions!  Not only the favourite of how it got there, but Munch is very concerned that we don’t have any nappies, milk or somewhere for the baby to sleep yet.


We made faces this week.  Lots and lots of cheeky ones!  Here’s my favourite…

Making faces


Back at work, who I’m sure are delighted at my daily outfits of leggings and tops so far.

13 week bump

And lastly..

Only a few more weeks until I can reveal what that big secret was!

A little shout out about #weekendinanutshell too.  I host every Sunday on instagram at 6pm.  Simply post a collage of your weekend using the hashtag and show everyone what you were up to.







  1. Another Bun Reply

    Aww hello little bump! Your daughter is so like you, very cute!

    Hope you have a good weekend x

  2. Congratulations on your new addition, exciting! That’s so sweet that your little girl is worried about not having all the stuff for them. Hope being back at work has been ok, have a lovely weekend xx
    Alice recently posted…[insert lovely title] #littelovesMy Profile

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