There’s all kinds of fun things you can do for a family day out, but sometimes you want something a little bit special. Why not try something that takes you just beyond the edge of the ordinary world, to a place of fairies and trolls and magic where wishes can come true?

Fortunately, the UK is a pretty magical place, so there’s all kinds of places you can go. Just make sure you stay on the path, don’t open any strange doors or touch any mysterious looking ancient artefacts…


Walking into Bewilderwood, Norfolk, is a bit like stepping into a fairytale, except that a bunch of goblins broke into that fairytale and decided to build a series of tree houses connected with an increasingly bizarre network of rope bridges, swings and slides.

Throughout the park you’ll see magical characters such as Swampy, Mildred the Crocklebog, Thornyclod and Snagglefang and the Bewilderbats.

It’s a great day out for the whole family, and while there’s plenty for the kids to do, from ziplines to sky mazes, it won’t be long before the grownups want a go as well!

The Harry Potter Studio Tour

It doesn’t get much more magical than this. This isn’t a theme park or a museum, these are the actual sets used to film the Harry Potter movies. Walk down Diagon Alley, see the seats where the teachers sat in Hogwarts’ great hall, take a tour of the Hogwarts express or hang out in the Gryffindor Common Room.

More than that, you can see how the magic is made. Go to the Weasley Kitchen and learn about all the different kinds of practical effects that went into the movie, or try out the studio’s green screen and your children can get a photo or video of themselves soaring the skies on your broom stick like a wizarding pro!

The Shell Grotto

How about a real magical mystery though? Almost 200 years ago one Mr James Newlove was digging a duckpond in Margate, when he discovered a mysterious hole. He lowered his son Joshua into the pit and the boy came out describing mysterious tunnels decorated with strange symbols and covered in millions upon millions of shells. It has been said that within six months of visiting this place, you’ll have a dream set here.

Today you can explore these tunnels, decorated with 4.6 million shells and with over 70 feet of labyrinthine tunnels, leading to a 2,000 square foot chamber covered in a massive shell mosaic. Why would somebody build something like this? At this point you’re probably expecting an explanation on where the famous Shell Grotto came from.

The truth is, it’s still unknown. Is it a gateway to the land of the Goblin King? Nobody knows. But maybe you can find out…


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