Joining in for the first time with Morgana at But Why Mummy Why with Love the Little Things.  I’ve been reading others posts and I just love the idea of rounding up my week and giving the chance for you to get to know me and my going ons a bit better.  So here we go!


Bit late to the party on this one (on the account of my solid week of skirting painting) but I loved this post  that’s doing the rounds from Katie at Hurrah For Gin, called ‘Goodbye Sweet Naps‘.  I really enjoy reading Katie’s blog.  It’s refreshingly to the point and I adore the sketches!  Take a peek 🙂


I’d love to take the leap into vlogging next year, so I enjoyed watching Bloggers Insights interview with Let’s Talk Mommy and Hollybobs Blog.  Great tips and ideas for the beginner (still terrified to the very core!)


I haven’t been able to stop listening to Take That’s new tune this week.  Tad catchy, although at the rate I’ve been listening to it, I’ll be bored of it by the end of this week! (I’ll never bore of seeing Howard in his pants though)


Love the little things made

Not overly crafty, but if I see something that looks easy to do..I’m in.  So Munch helped me make some Christmas cards for the family.  What do you think?


Love theLittle Things wore

It’s been a week of frost up here.  It finally hit -4c yesterday, so someone at work kindly leant me their hat one lunchtime.  I’ll need to get this on my Christmas list!

And lastly..

House renovations

We should finally finish phase 1 of house renovations by the 19th (which is when the carpets get laid in all the decorated rooms…Eeeeep!) I am beside myself to be able to reveal the rooms, but I want to get all the right nik naks before I do the big ta da.

I’ll be so glad to be finished phase 1.  It has taken us 6 months…I can’t believe it!




  1. Life at the Little Wood Reply

    Hello!! So glad you’ve joined in! You totally rock that hat luvvie – definitely get one. Amazing! I can’t tell you how excited I am to see your big house reveal. I’m sure you can’t wait to get a few rooms finished – it takes forever, doesn’t it?! Have a brilliant weekend chick xx

    • Been meaning to do it for a while and finally took the plunge! Thank you, it was mega cozy 🙂 Carpets will be 2 wks today, so an upstairs reveal over the festive break should be possible! I can’t wait…you know the feeling! x

  2. Ahhh thank you ever so much for featuring my new mini series on here lovely. I was so surprised that anyone even watched it. (have it on my little loves this week too)hahaha I can’t wait to interview more bloggers and we can all learn new things from each one each month. I feel like I learn alot more from others that have done it been there. I am still trying to get used to the camera and not saying um!!! lol Love the photo of you at the end too. You are hilarious. Love watching your home projects and how it’s all coming together. So excited to see the final home tour of it all! #littleloves

    • You are more than welcome! I need to get to grips with it and I guess I’m putting it off due to nerves! Can’t wait to finish the house!!!! Getting a bit blah with it now.

      Thanks for stopping by x

  3. Hi!! Oh I’m looking forward to seeing your reveal of the house! We are currently looking at a site to do a self build, so love looking at other peoples houses and the work they have done!
    Loving your hat, may invest in something similar….hate the cold at my ears!! Hope you have a fab weekend xx

  4. What a lovely Christmas card idea! They look so cute 🙂 have a lovely weekend xx

  5. Hi, and welcome to the little loves gang (a nice gang, not roaming the streets in hoodies).
    I love the hat, it looks so cosy. My husband has a similar one and whilst I may have laughed when he first bought it I’m so jealous every time he wears it.
    Looking forward to seeing the big reveal of your house, very exciting! xx
    Not A Frumpy Mum recently posted…Love The Little Things #49My Profile

  6. I’m here hurrah! Yes, I was on the homepage – my excuse is we have also been overwhelmed by skirting board cutting and varnishing – I’m not sure why I ever thought renovating would be a good idea! Can’t wait to see your big reveal! Also loving your hat and Christmas cards – such a sweet idea, maybe I will try to do some!
    Mel @mydaysni recently posted…Love the Little Things #7My Profile

  7. So very pleased that you’ve decided to join in with little loves! Really sorry it’s taken me this long to get around to reading and commenting. I honestly don’t know where the time goes!!
    Well done on the renovations! We’ve got a few bits left to do in our living room and dining room – the pressure is on to be ready for Christmas! Can’t wait to see yours finished xx

    • Thanks for dropping by 🙂 renovations suck! Hope to draw a line under it until the new year. So keen to do reveals! x

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