Ok, so there may only be 2 weeks of the summer holidays left in Scotland, but I set myself a challenge of finishing our living room and I’m holding myself to it (even if it does mean cheating a little a borrowing the English holiday to qualify it!).  This is the last room in our house to be tackled (I won’t say ‘finish’, as you know by now how I feel with regards to every other room only being 95% there!).  This room has served us well since we moved in 3 years ago.  It has been our storage room for our kitchen, new sofas and we even used a corner of it as a sitting area when the kitchen got knocked through into the dining room to make a large open plan family room.  But it’s time to throw open the curtains, clear the clutter and get this space complete (or at least 95% of it!).We bought new sofas and chairs for this room 2 years ago and they are still in the white plastic they arrived in.  In fact the lovely people at our local furniture shop stored them for us for about a year. I’d be lying if I said I could fully remember what they look like now.  I know I have a photo of the sofas somewhere but I’m fearing that the chairs are a bit more ‘ultra modern’ than what our tastes are now.  Although, Scott might just kill me if I even say that out loud (I can feel a Gumtree exchange coming!).

The family room/kitchen will remain the main hang out for us.  There is enough space in there to lounge and watch tv, play with the kids and that is where their toys will stay, however this room will be more of a formal living room, for when we have guests, or want to kick back of an evening… Oh and Christmas!

House renovations and living room plans

The original plans when we bought this house was to put an extension onto this room and make this area the family room/kitchen.  Purely because it opens up to the back garden and it’s light, bright and airy.  But I have severe angst about ‘one day we’ll get around to this’ projects and given everything else we wanted to do to the house, It made more sense to forgo that and aim for just getting the house in a ‘finished’ state so we could live life.  It’s no lie that this place has consumed my head for 3 years.  Scott is more laid back and it doesn’t bother him… I need to let that rub off on me!  As I said, we left the kitchen where it was and knocked through into the existing dining room instead.  The issue I have with this room is that it doesn’t open up onto the garden.  In fact it’s slap bang in the middle of the house and is actually the whole ground floor of the original 18th century farmhouse.  So you can imagine the small size of the windows, making it a dark space.  We did our best to overcome that with white furniture and gloss kitchen doors. I think we made the right decision, because I couldn’t imagine walking through a formal living room to access the rest of the house… That wouldn’t flow right.  The old adage of the kitchen being the heart of the home is very much the case here!

House renovations and living room plans

Anyway… Back to the living room plans!  First task is to declutter… This phot is from the sale guide when we bought the house and nothing like how it looks now!  We have a lot of baby bits in here that we no longer need.  So there is a serious session required in that room.  We have already done a skip load of things that are purely bin.  We found a box of kitchen tins and spices, which we immediately threw out! We need to also life the existing flooring, which we have sold (frugal!) and then it is a case of decorating the room.  This is the last room to have the lovely red wood skirtings, mantle and door frames (the windows make my eye twitch, but that’s a huge task) and these will be replaced also.  We already have these in the garage. We are opting for carpet in this room, the same carpet that we have throughout the top floor of the house.  I like to keep pretty neutral and hard-wearing with carpet, so it’s a grey/beige colour and a cosy 50oz, which should keep us toasty in winter as it can get pretty cold in the North of Scotland!  Again the lovely folk at the same store where we got our sofas said they can store it until we’re ready (oh dear!) Clearly that’s the last thing to do to the room really, so I better hit Pinterest and draw up a plan of action.

Industrial living room pinterestHere is my existing Pinterest board and we will be in keeping with the rest of the house, which is a bit Industrial chic and botanicals (of the faux kind!) and I’ll share a mood board once I’ve done my digging and decided on a final look… So stay tuned!




  1. It looks so great plan!! I love home makeovers. I cannot wait until my husband and I buy our house next year so we can do huge makeover and decoration projects.

  2. I am so excited for you, I did laugh a little when I saw the room on your YT the other week with brand new sofas, lets hope you still like them xxx

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