What is it about being a second time parent that makes time fly by?  Or is it just age in general that sends the time spiralling out of control?  Now that we have all those years to quanify it, those forever long school holidays that I remember lay stretched out ahead of me as a child, are now over in the blink of an eye for me.  It will sound ridiculous that I still look at MM as the baby of the house, she always will be.  In my head though, she is about 9 months old… in reality however, she’s 18 months and heading fast for being 2!

I swear it didn’t feel this quick first time round.  With Munch, each day was felt… Every ‘leap’ on the wonder weeks app dreaded or longed for (depending if it was a good leap or a bad one!) and every milestone prepared for months in advance and tackled with great detail.  A stark contrast to the days merging into one, looking at said app twice since MM was born and freaking out when milestones appear, as if from nowhere.

Mum of 2

It feels like I’m caught up in a whirlwind, pleading for it to stop.  This is the exact reason why I capture as much of our little life as I can.  Whether it’s video, photos, or tucking away little momentos… I want to look back and treasure every teeny detail.  The sound of a baby giggle… The way they both have the most unusual obsession with socks and that first hand print.  But what about those that you can’t capture: The softness of MM’s hair, the way they both smell when I tuck them up in bed every night and the way it feels when they smile at you after a day at work. I can’t record those moments, photograph them, or squirrel them away in a memory box.  I could try and create a video with emotion and atmosphere, but them sometimes nothing quite beats the real thing.

Sometimes it’s not about the capuring, but living for the moment.  Not living life through a lens, but soaking up those moments that can’t be captured.



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