Things have been rather up in the air recently.  It’s all juggling workload of blogging, freelancing, being a wife and mummy…MM settling into nursery…and hubs just finding out at the tail end of last week that there are redundancies to be made at his work (tightens belt just in case).  I don’t think our lives have ever been busier.

Still, we muscle our way through the early starts, nursery drops, Tesco deliveries, work emails, blogging, house work (mmmm…no A+ in this category right now) and the pick ups, bath times and late nights.  Ok, so mainly it’s because we have no choice, but I don’t mind going ‘all out’ Monday to Friday if it means we can spend some time together at the weekend.

In my recent anniversary post, I mentioned that me and hubs rarely get to spend any time together…so I made a plan.  Well it’s sort of a rota really.  I’m attached to my phone all of the time and will never switch off mentally from social media, blogging or freelancing…that comes with the territory and that’s a life choice  I don’t mind answering emails, tweets, etc on the go.  But in terms of actual ‘sit at my laptop’ work I’m dedicating every week night to (and Sunday too…cause the tv is pants).  I have 1 day a week when both kids are in nursery…perfect for hoovering, noisy cleaning, taking blog pictures and banking up some freelance and blog hours.  Finally, I have 2 days a week, when it’s just me and MM…so when she naps, I can tidy up and do any quiet cleaning.  With all this in mind, this technically frees up Saturday and Sunday for family time (and Saturday night for hubs time).  Not only that but it frees him up too.  He can get on with finishing things round the house on week nights, or tackling the epic grass cutting…instead of coming home from work and cleaning and doing laundry.

Ofcourse, I have yet to put this into practice…here’s to living for the weekend and busting a gut to have it all (except the ironing…there is never enough time in the day for that!)



  1. Good luck and a GREAT plan! It is hard juggling all the balls! Making time for each other is so important though. I tend to try to keep most of my evenings free for my Hubby (unless he is away like tonight then I’ll work away!). Blogging & freelancing is hard to switch off from. Jess xx
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  2. It’s so hard juggling so many balls. I struggle to work on an evening as I’m so tired so I admire you for that! I do most of my blogging etc when Q is asleep in the mornings after O is at school. Even then, I’m running around like a headless chicken to get some amount of housework done! I’ve figured that if I can make dinner for hubs getting in from work, I’ve done enough to get us through the day. Laundry, hoovering, dusting can always be done tomorrow x

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