Living in the countryside means we have the outdoors at our disposal. We can explore the outdoors and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life knowing our phones/the internet/ real life aren’t too far away.

Now the weather is starting to get a little nicer, it got me thinking about whether or not I could cope living completely ‘off-grid’ with none of my normal luxuries and home comforts.  When Flogas, who provide business gas, got in touch to ask me the same question… I realised that the short answer is probably no! For a start I would never be able to blog if I was out in the wilderness with no laptop or WiFi.

That being said there are definitely perks to living off-grid and I have no doubt that doing so would make you appreciate everything that you do have much more. After all there’s not much opportunity to be materialistic when you don’t have much stuff!

As a Mum, I would love for my children to experience life without constantly checking phones and tablets be it for the latest game or social media update. The sad thing is that their generation are likely to grow up thinking this is the norm and I would love for them to spend as much time outside and enjoying simpler things through their childhood.

Which brings me on to something I would most definitely miss if I went off-grid: friends and family. If I was out in the country somewhere where there was no phone signal (or even no phone) the thought of not being able to contact my favourite people whenever I liked would be enough to have me running back to suburbia.

If I did have my loved ones with me then I would definitely need a camera or my phone with me. I love taking pictures of my children as they grow and I think it’s so special to have a record of their childhood. We’re incredibly lucky that pretty much every mobile phone has a camera these days meaning there’s less of a scramble to document those special moments. Not only that but I bet there would be some pretty great views in the wilderness which would make for a great instagram post (or is that missing the point slightly?!)

With spring looking like it’s finally about to show it’s head, although for how long I’m not too sure, I will definitely be making the effort to spend some more time outdoors in the fresh air away from my laptop and TV…although I can’t promise that my phone won’t be in my back pocket!

Could you live off-grid? And what would you miss if you did?


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