Work, work and more work again this week, due to a trade show (that’s sounds way more exciting than it is!).  So it’s been catching sleep when I can and a hell of alot of autopilot!  If I hear the phrase “so what is it you do” again, it’ll be too soon!

Still a house of lurgy…I make that 8 weeks, so before I cough my lungs up (and possibly spleen too)! Here’s my #littleloves for the lovely Morgana this week:


Not had a chance to read much this week, other than my works literature.  I shan’t bore you with that!


This beauty (Sarah from Glasgow Mummy) doing her video tour for Bloggers Homes! Take a peek!


Laughter!  Me, Munch and the Glasgow Mummy brood headed off to the local science centre at the weekend and it was super cute and hilarious to see the kids getting on.  There was even a rather emotional farewell!  It wouldn’t be complete without the grown up mucking about too though…

Made little loves 130215


Footprints in the snow! Until the last finally melted away, Munch insisted in making an imprint everytime we got in the car.

Made little loves 1302152


Work show wouldn’t be complete with a rather fetching pair of spray on trousers (aka Next capri pants).  I looked like a royal geek, as they just so happened to be bang on our colour scheme (would you expect anything less, I work in Marketing afterall!)

Wore little loves 130215


And lastly..

Getting closer and closer to being able to share the secret project!  Until then I am utterly sworn to secrecy…shhhhhh!






  1. Life at the Little Wood Reply

    I flipping LOVE your outfit! 🙂 And super impressed that you match your work colours too. That’s true commitment my sweet! 🙂 Aww, so lovely that you and Sarah can meet up and that your little families get on so well too! Very excited for this secret project reveal!! Have a lovely weekend chicky xx

  2. Don’t tease us. We need to know what your secret project is! I love your capri pants. The days where I could wear something so close fitting are sadly long gone. Sigh. I hope you’re all better now, it’s awful when illnesses drag on. xx

  3. Loving the video from Glasgow Mummy so cute. Love the accent. Your style photos are great hunny. Loving all the cropped pants floating instagram. You are so slim too lucky lady. My ass is always too big for these types of pants but I lust after them anyways! lol Great round #littleloves
    Jenny recently posted…Women supporting women & a few firsts #littlelovesMy Profile

  4. Aw you look like you were having such fun in that pic! Excited to find out what your secret project is! My little by, Lucas was exactly the same with footprints in the snow. Trying to get him in the car everyday to get to nursery on time when he just wanted to play in the snow was a challenge. Hope you all feel better soon xx
    A Cosy Cup of Life recently posted…Cupcakes, sunny days and my first award #littlelovesMy Profile

  5. Capri pants just sounds so summery! They look good on you though – I hope you wrapped up warm, after 8 weeks of illness! Looks like you and the lovely Sarah had proper fun!! Have a lovely weekend Xx #littleloves

  6. Looks like you guys had a ball on your day out! Sometimes you just have to get on with it, even if you have been ill for ages. Hope you feel better soon. Love a wee house tour, cause I’m nosey like that lol! Have a great weekend x
    Mel @mydaysni recently posted…Time for Tea and #LittleLovesMy Profile

  7. The secret project sounds exciting, looking forward to hearing more!
    Looks like you and Glasgow Mummy had fun meeting up, must be lovely to be so near to be able to do that. xx

  8. I love the laughter and your work outfit. Reveal your big secrets, please! I’m so excited to know about that. Thanks for sharing this article. Great post!

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