If anyone has the remote control on life…please pass it this way!  Another completely hectic month over here.  I feel like life is just passing us by at the moment and not much seems to be getting done…is that just standard form with 2 young children?

Anyway…here’s what we’ve been up to in May.

Life With…The Family

LWU May 16

Well it never rains but it pours.  The rollercoaster of life has dealt us a pretty stinky month, with the firm that Hubs works for looking to make redundancies and so that tense wait begins.  We are hoping to find out in the next few weeks, but with figures thrown around the news that some 23,000 people have been made redundant in oil & gas since the down turn happened, I’m not sure it’s going to be as straight forward to just ‘find another job’ and his role (sales) isn’t the sort you can freelance in.

LWU May 16

If you follow over on snapchat, you’ll have heard about the issue we’ve had in my old flat.  Basically the tenant hasn’t paid rent for 3 months now, leaving us out of pocket and there is very little we can do to recover that money without losing more money, that we simply do not have.  Timing is everything!  I guess we have to take it on the chin and bide our time until the lease is up and hopefully get a paying tenant in.  Just another issue that we did not need given everything that’s happened!

LWU May 16

I’m finding getting the balance right between freelancing, family and house chores rather overwhelming.  I’ve written before about not having much time to spend with the Hubs and we’re both riding that wave and hoping it improves.

LWU May 16

Well I did find a 4 leaf clover at the weekend…so I’m just awaiting my good fortune to come from that!  I’m going to dry and press it and keep it as a family good luck charm.

Life With…The House

Tolix bar stools review

Well this just continues to get embarrassing.  The family room is still no further on…hence my rather strategically photographed breakfast bar reveal.  Our sofa arrived and it’s just finding the time more than anything to finish things off.  Most of the jobs would fall into Hubs lap, but he’s busy scratching the surface of the housework and garden when he’s at home.

We finally tackled the spare room, as part of a bloggers challenge and I’m delighted to say I won!  This was before the clover was found!  It gave me the kick up the bum I needed to complete a room and I’m glad it spurred me on.

Monochrome bedroom ideas

Garden season has kicked in again and the task of cutting the grass has begun for the Hubs, so that’s even less time dedicated to the inside and finishing bits off…boo!  The previous owner certainly didn’t plant a low maintenance garden.  They created quite large planting areas and we are not at all green fingered.  I’m really not sure what, how or when we will ever get around to it.  I’m wondering if there are people out there who would volunteer to garden in exchange for using the space on a nice day.

Well that’s pretty much it for May….adios!  Here’s hoping that 4 leaf clover brings a fruitful June!

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  1. Flying solo Reply

    I’m sorry to hear you have a duff tenant, I’m a landlord myself and had a letting agency so Iv seen this happen too many times, it makes me so angry when I hear these stories as your right you never recover the money if you spent more to go to court, you still don’t! It’s all so wrong…. I can feel a rant coming so il stop now I think!
    Your juggling a lot so don’t be hard on yourself to get things finished. Your house looks amazing & I hope June is a better month for you X

  2. I hear you, I was nodding along as I read your post. I don’t think until you live through renovations that you realise just how it all completely takes over. I feel like I have sunk! And you have so many other things to worry about too, sending big virtual hugs! In amongst all the angst and chaos these are really lovely photos. Hope you get positive news about your husband’s job too xx

  3. Yes it’s life with two!! I just hope it gets easier and less busier as they get a bit older, please. What a worrying time for you all, I hope they let you know soon about the job, the waiting bit is horrible. Lovely photos X

  4. Oh my goodness, that thing about the non-paying tenant is OUTRAGEOUS… how can that be allowed to happen? And how can people be so damn cheeky? I hope it gets sorted easily and quickly. And I hope the job situation is resolved quickly too, such a stress to have hanging over you all.
    But such beautiful photos of your gorgeous foursome. Love them.
    Oh, and if you find that remote for life… can you send one my way too?!?!?! x
    lucy recently posted…the me and mine project {may}My Profile

  5. OH babes so sorry to hear it’s pouring on your end it does seem like that at times things all falling out of place at once. Be strong things will look brighter when you have more answers and in time. Hope your good luck charm works for you and lovely captures of the house and family. #meandmineproject
    Jenny recently posted…Me & Mine {May 2016}My Profile

  6. I love the natural shots, super cute. I have every thing crossed for the HUbs my darling xxx

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