As another month draws to a close (and the first quarter…eek!) it’s time to cast a look back and etch those memories on this little space online.

Life With…The House

We literally moved the essentials into our new kitchen/family room and got a bit too comfy…here we are a month later and we have done absolutely nothing!  We still have the same ‘to do’ list and still fighting builders dust (as you can see!)

eames chair

Ok, so I’m being a bit harsh on myself…I have been pinning and I have an inspiration board.  It does feel like we are at the bottom of a mountain though and I’m not sure of the route up…I just don’t know where to start!  I’ve been letting Hubs take the reigns quite a bit on this one, as I can’t seem to face it.  We will get there though and it will be epic!

Oh we have had one not so epic discovery..that the redwood mantle is actually built into the house!  Yes, that’s right…the person who gutted the house back in 2007 fit the mantle piece and then rested the wall supports on top of it….great!  Nothing’s never easy though, right?!

Life With …The Family

This month marked MM’s half birthday (if you count by weeks…I never know!)  I’m stunned at how quickly time is whizzing past this time.

She is due to start nursery in May and although we no longer need full time childcare, having her go one day a week will give me a chance to up my game blog and freelance wise (as I have news there!) After 3 months of blog tumbleweed I actually had a great opportunity come my way locally with a media agency.  I’ll be doing some freelancing with them for 3 months and if all goes well…we’ll take it from there.  It’s a small team, who all work from home (which is fantastic for childcare), so opportunities don’t get much better than this!

LWU Mar 16 2

LWU Mar 16 1

LWU Mar 16

LWU Mar 16 3

I’m also led to believe we should hear about Munch’s school application by the end of March.  Rumour has it, this year’s intake has been quite small so that goes in our favour.

Well that’s us for another month…Here’s to sunnier weather!

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  1. One month is definitely a bit too early to start beating yourself up about not having settled into the kitchen properly! Today I finished painting the inside of our cabin door which I started two years ago during our building work! The one thing I have learned is that slow decorating and settling in is definitely better as it gives you a chance to fully think through what you want. 🙂
    Clare @ Maybush Studio recently posted…The one free thing you should organise before your next trip to EuropeMy Profile

  2. Lovely photos as always – I can’t believe how grown up Munch is looking! And MM is getting so big too – Gabe has started nursery just one afternoon a week – I’m looking forward to hopefully having a bit of time to focus on blogging stuff too.
    Sarah recently posted…My Wild Ones // Baking with mummyMy Profile

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