Are we really 6 months into the year already? I think my opening line each month has been about how quickly time is flying by, but it really has.  We are officially into summer now and in 6 short weeks, Munch will be starting primary school.  I remember how long the summer holidays felt as a child, but I know on this occasion it’ll fly by in a heartbeat.

Here we are rounding up what we got up to in June.  A little bit later than normal, as I was down in London for BML ’16 (The UK’s largest parenting blogger conference)

Life With…The Family

LWU Jun 16 1

I was really hoping that the 4 leaf clover we found last month was going to wash us over with good fortune.  But despite winning a lucky dip in the lotto…that didn’t happen.

We are still waiting on the final result of the Hubs work situation and we have begun the court process to recover our rental property…so it’s very hard to keep a smile on my face this month, when we are literally staring down the prickly bit of the yellow brick road.

LWU Jun 16

In other news…I am pushing forward with setting up my own marketing agency (scary!). I had hoped that I could have bought into the agency I was freelancing for, but they didn’t want to give any of it away (understandable…neither would I!) But it has made me feel a bit more confident to push forward with it on my own and so fingers crossed it all works out.  I already have a few meetings lined up and my first client (and the website and logo aren’t even finished yet)…so long may that continue!

LWU Jun 16 2

MM turned 9 months old and I just can’t believe that we are staring the first birthday in the face in a matter of months…it doesn’t seem real!

Talking of parties, we have Munch’s 5th party next month, so planning is underway for that.  She wants a unicorn party!  It’s always nice to see her play with all her little buds from nursery, some of whom are going to different schools after the summer…end of an era!

Life With…The House

Laura Ashley Homeware

Slow progress, as always! We are still chipping away at the family room.  We have some new additions to the room, which is helping make it feel a little more homely, but we still have those annoying little jobs like finishing off the skirtings, hanging the tv on the wall and devising a better toy storage system.  Things that I am usually all over like a rash, but what with everything that has been going on…it’s hard to find the motivation to push on.

Laura Ashley Homeware

I should write up a little action plan and see if we can finally get it finished!

We did something a little different this weekend…we planted some vegetables and flowers.  They are currently in the greenhouse, as the weather is a bit rotten just now.  So hopefully we should get some carrots and peppers before next month!

That’s us for June…hope you’ve had a great month!


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  1. Flying solo Reply

    Good luck with your new business and hope the tenant problem resolved quickly X

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  3. Such gorgeous pictures… can’t believe I’ve never stopped by your blog before! What a lovely space! Sorry I didn’t get to meet you at BML16… such a sea of faces… maybe another time! Your house looks lovely. We’re in the middle of a huge renovation at the moment, so I’m appreciating the beauty in other people’s houses while mine is chaotic!

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