Oh my word… When I sat down to type this I didn’t realise it had been so long!  Life royally got in the way, but I didn’t know I’d missed 4 month of our family update!  I can assure you we haven’t fallen off the face of the earth… We’re still here!  Well this will be one hell of a catch up!

Life With… The Family

Family Holidays in Edinburgh

Well we’re smack bang in the middle of our second school holiday and it has flown in!  I can’t believe that Liv goes back in a couple of weeks.  Looking back on primary 2 as a mummy brings a mixed bag of emotions for me.  But if I choose to just see the positive, then I couldn’t be more proud at how kind and caring Liv is and strives to be.  She’s always so upbeat and has confidence in her that I don’t even have at my age. She takes everything at face value and I truly love that about her. Whatever comes her way, she just gets through it and I admire and look up to her… She’s an epic human being!

Family Holidays in Edinburgh

MM has been potty training, which really spells the end to the baby era… Tough to take in your last baby.  You want to hang on to to last bits of baby (I promise I’ll take the cot bars off one day!) It’s hard to believe she turns 3 in October… Eek!  We’re just at the start of her social journey… The dilemma on whether to have a party or not this year and that constant mummy fear.

Family Holidays in Edinburgh

Things have been super busy and super exciting at work for both of us… Talking about work is not a comfort zone of conversation for me, which you will know if you’re a regular. But I’ve tried to slow the pace a little and spend time with the girls more over the summer… Because whoever said there’s only 18 summers with your kids put the frightners on me! So YouTube is on the back burner for now… But I will return after the holiday, although it might not be a weekly upload. I’m looking to use other platforms to better use, as I realise I’m a bit all over the place with it… It’s the first thing to go when work picks up. But I did make a cinematic edit of our Edinburgh trip (a style of video editing I’ve really fallen for!)

Life With… The House

Well low and behold, we’ve started the front garden (which you may have seen from social media)! From a security point of view, we didn’t want to go into another winter with no lights and we want to discourage lost drivers turning up our drive by adding a gate.  That’s sounds more mean than I intend it to, but when you work from home and hear a car coming 3-4 times a day and get up off your butt (in case it’s a delivery) to see someone else turning, it makes my eye twitch.

We’ve already cleared what was there, trees included and now just need to sort out a retaining wall and crack on with the pretty work.  It won’t be fully finished this year.  I think if we manage to level and get grass down (and the gate & lights wired) I’ll be happy.  We’re doing a lot of it ourselves (Scott is!) So watch this space!! I can’t wait to have a more low maintenance and modern front garden.


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  1. Oh Pam its so nice to see these photos back on my screen. I know what you mean about Year 2, how are they this big? Gorgeous photos sweetie x

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