How can January be finished with?  It feels like only yesterday that we were putting up the Christmas tree…maybe life speeds up with each child you have?

Life With…The House

Our January has been well and truly over shadowed by never ending home renovations.  Our lives have been turned upside down this month, as we crammed ourselves into an undecorated living room full with stacks of boxes.  We have just about survived off M&S microwave meals (I tell myself they aren’t as bad) and we are all pretty sick of it. We’re washing bottles in a bathroom sink and have the steriliser on our bedroom floor. I keep telling myself it’ll be so worth it…I can’t wait to show you!

Life With…The Family

Me & Mine Jan 16

January also saw MM turn 4 months old….how did that happen?! Each week I can’t believe how much bigger she is getting and we are really getting to know each other now.  She just weighed in at 12lb 12oz at her last set of immunisations.  I’ve heard mixed reports of how jabs have affected babies.  Munch never really bothered and we didn’t noticed any difference, but MM…well, lets just say I’m glad that they’re over with until she’s 1 year old!

Me & Mine Jan 16

The girls are growing closer than ever.  All the best smiles are saved for her big sis and it’s the sweetest thing to witness.  I’m in awe every time I see them interact and it just takes my breath away.  I can’t wait to see how their bond develops as MM is able to take part a bit more.

Me & Mine Jan 16

We cursed at the weather all month.  It was so dark, damp and cold….pretty impossible for photo taking.  So we all ran out the first dry morning we had, after gymnastics class.  As you can see, it was pretty nippy and the fog was descending on us as we were snapping.  I’m sure we’ll become a bit more slick at the family photo over the coming year.

Me & Mine Jan 16

So, that’s January…February should bring with it a completed house, visits from great friends and school news…Bring it on!

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  1. These are lovely photos! I can’t believe MM is 4 months old now! Where has the time gone?! I’m sorry the weather has been rubbish and restricting! Also can’t wait to see your finished home renovations – you’ve so much going on! X

  2. Oh I love these so beautiful great captures darling. Way to go for catching that perfect prefog moment. We actually been doing this project for three years now and it’s the first month we have tried three different times for our photo and it just failed miserably every time. The beautiful of this project though it motivates us to keep document the good and the non to perfect moments too. I love it for that. #meandmine

  3. There's always time for tea Reply

    Lovely photos! The house will be worth it when it’s done! xx

  4. Oh these photos are gorgeous… especially considering you did them in a big rush. I absolutely LOVE your cardigan, it’s beautiful, and I love how you are all wearing a neutral kind of palette, really ties the photo together nicely. x

  5. These are such beautiful photographs!! I hope your home is finished soon. We’re having our attic converted in March/April time and we’re super excited! . 🙂 xx

  6. Aren’t house renovations just a nightmare? It feels like its a never ending job sometimes. I definitely feel your pain on that one, but it will be so so worth it! Lovely photos of you all, all the creams and greys tie together so nicely! xo

  7. These are lovely photos – I can’t believe how big MM is getting already! Gabe wasn’t a big fan of his immunisations either so I’m with you on being glad there are no more for a while! It must be a bit of a nightmare living among all the renovations but I’m sure it’ll be amazing when it’s finished – I can’t wait to see!
    Sarah recently posted…Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (January 2016)My Profile

  8. Ah this all reminds me of when Poppy was born, she was obsessed by her big sister and would literally watch her at all times. Hopefully, this next little baby will be as easily entertained by her sisters. Jabs are awful things, I’m fine taking them myself but HATE seeing my babies go through them. These are beautiful wintery shots of the four of you! xx #meandmine
    Heledd – Running in Lavender recently posted…Me and Mine Family Picture for January 2016My Profile

  9. Alice was also fine with the vaccinations, but I can’t wait till the final lot are done and we get a break till a year-old. I love your photos. I think I have persuaded Jim that we need to do Me & Mine this year as horrifically there are no photos of the four of us together (what if I was to get hit by a bus?,) so watch this space!

    • Oooo I can’t wait! Yeah there’s very few of the 3 of us pre MM, so I thought I better step up. Plus it’ll make doing my traditional photo book at christmas very easy! x

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