What an absolute roller coaster of a month! It’s been another quick one in this house and this month saw ups, downs and inbetweens, but we always have each other and that’s the main thing.

Life With…The Family


This month we got MM christened. It’s been something that we’ve wanted to arrange for some time, but with the way that time whizzes past as a second time parent…we were somewhat ‘latchy’ in getting this organised. MM is such a little dink, that thankfully the dress we got her sister christened in (age 6-9 mth) fit her perfectly at 11mth.

It was a lovely day and she did really well during the process. There is always the worry in situations like that, that everyone will be focused directly at us and the fear that you have to deal with a crying fit, or poonami….but thankfully not! She was more mesmerised I think.


Munch is still getting on well at school. However my worries came true when we received a call to collect her as she’d fallen on some steps and would need stitches in her face. It’s horrible to think that we weren’t there when she needed us, but thankfully her little buddy she’s known from nursery sat with her (which melted my heart a little).

I’ve been dealing with ongoing back issues, which stem from SPD in pregnancy…it’s been a bit of a bummer. The really annoying thing about it is the level of subconscious planning that goes into the day, so you can last as long as possible. We have a different car and I never realised how easy it was to get the kids in and out of a car that was high up. Now we have a saloon car, I feel like I’m trying to get them into a lowered sports car. I also have to practically fold myself into the back of the car to do Munch’s seat belt….ahhhh!

We’re wearing: Hubs (M&S suit), Munch (Next dress), MM (Mamas & Papas dress, Next cardigan and head band from Ava Rose Bows), Me (New Look top)

Life With…The House

We’ve been making the most of the late summer and tidying up the ‘bothy’ (shed) in the garden. I couldn’t take the red/brown any longer, so we chose a grey shade and I’m amazed that it’s covered the dark brown! Also, it’s going to make a cute photo backdrop.


I can’t even mention the family room anymore…it’s not come on much at all this month. I’ve set a bit of a Christmas goal.


The front hall is being pieced back together and looking rather amazing in one half…but the other side is rather bare and crying out for some sort of shoe storage. I would absolutely love to get a set of old cinema style chairs for the other side and perhaps have a crate each underneath for shoes to keep near the door. Also, we are planning to put some jacket storage in the utility room, which leads off the front hall, for everyday use. We have a large double cupboard for shoes and jackets at the back of the house, but it mainly stores out of season jackets or the ones we don’t wear a lot.

What the house is wearing: Chair TK Maxx, Cushion Made.com, Glass Console Table Dwell, Wire basket H&M

The Me and Mine Project



  1. Flying solo Reply

    I can’t wait to see your fanily room when it’s finished, I’m with you on the brown garden, I have grey furniture and it looks yuk! But I didn’t have the energy this summer to change it, after moving in July. Look after your back! It’s no fun is it, I have 2 slipped discs and with you on the car, I had to buy another 4×4 I couldn’t take a low car anymore. Xx Emma

  2. Aww these photos are gorgeous! Such a lovely memory from your girls special day. I still haven’t got Rosalie christened and she is now 2 years old! Its too late now so I’m thinking I’ll get her christened at the same time as the next one! Xx

  3. I’m always tense at a Christening too, but your photos are so relaxed and happy! We painted our shed a lovely bluey grey last summer and it’s amazing the difference it makes to the garden (it was a very uninspiring dark green before). I hope your back improves too – are you seeing anyone for it? Back pain really is the worst, you forget how bad it is until it gets you again!

  4. Oh doesn’t MM look adorable! I’m glad she fitted in the dress because it’s such a lovely tradition – my three have all been christened in the gown that their aunt, father and uncle wore before them, even if we didn’t do up quite all of the buttons when it came to Pip’s turn!
    Carie @ Space for the Butterflies recently posted…Me and Mine 2016: SeptemberMy Profile

  5. Beautiful christening photos – you’re such a crazy-good looking family 🙂 I hope Munch is feeling better now after her fall xxx

  6. The house sounds amazing may come slow but worth it in the end. I bet it will be absolutely amazing. Lovely photo of you all. How you do it all I will never know girl? Send some of your energy here. #meandmineproject

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