Well the cold is creeping in and we’ve even had our first frosty morning… And well, could I start any monthly round up without saying “I can’t believe it’s November already”?! Nothing quite says November like dark mornings and evenings, red frost biten hands and using your Tesco clubcard as an ice scraper on the car windscreen.  Autumn was fleeting and winter has truly arrived!

October was yet another fly by month, but I like to round up our goings on, to give myself something to look back on when I’m old.

Life With… The Family


Well I have to first say that sadly my second Nana passed away.  She was my last living grandparent and the girls last living great grandparent.  If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you will know that we lost my other Nana at the start of the year.  Both had suffered with Dementia, although my first Nana had progressed quicker than I even knew possible, this Nana has been suffering with Dementia for 10 years or so.  Both were in their 90’s and had good, long, lives.  It makes it perhaps less shocking, but not any less upsetting.  This Nana was an absolute trooper and I was amazed to hear everything that went on in her life when we attended her funeral.  She was 1 of 7 children herself… And went on to have 4 of her own, so our extended family is pretty large on that side.  Liv has her name as one of her middle names too, because we thought it was fitting that each Nana be respected in some way for all that they did in our lives.

October also saw the school holidays, or ‘tattie holidays’ as it’s known up in Aberdeen! But we only ventured as far as the in laws for a weekend.  I think when you run your own company, holidays just don’t seem appropriate… Not at the early stages anyway.  Although I can be flexible, I do like structure when it comes to work too.  So dipping in and out for an hour or so, isn’t something I’m keen on either.

More work trips await us this month though and even I’m off down to London to the You Tube Space for a seminar (I’m actually quite geeked out about that!).  I haven’t decided if I’ll vlog it, but I’ll certainly be on insta stories (15th November) if you want a little peek at what it’s like.

Life With… The House

House renovations and living room plans

Well… Finally… We are making progress with the living room! We have decluttered the room, taken things to both the charity shop and the tip (we still need to put away what we are keeping… But we’ll just not talk about that!) AND, get this… We have even picked a paint colour!  It’s the lightest room in the house, so we have gone for a Farrow & Ball colour called Ammonite (although we got it colour matched by Valspar).  Bearing in mind that the carpet is being fitted on the 21st of November!! I know it’s 19 days away, but time flies in this house and factor in the work trips and work, we only have 2 weeks of evenings to lift the floor, replace the door facings and skirtings and paint the room (that’s manageable… Right?!)

I’m so excited to get this room complete… To have a grown up living room to retreat to in the evening, light the fire and get all cosy!  Oh and we have a second Christmas tree for this room, which means we won’t have to stack all the pressies up in the one in the hall (that gets cold on Christmas morning!).  We’ll finally be able to have full use of all the rooms in the house, for the first time since we moved in!

House renovations and living room plans

That being said, I haven’t even decided on decor, window dressings… So the room will join the queue of the 95% finished rooms, which we are working through!  Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Talking of which, I did a room tour of MM’s nursery, if you want to take a peep at that:


The Outtakes



  1. Sounds like you’re really getting on top of things with the living room lovely! Go you!

    Sorry to hear about your Nana, even at such a good age it’s never easy to have to say goodbye. Lots of love to you all xx

  2. I’m sorry to hear you lost your Nana, it’s hard to feel your own grief when supporting children with theirs, or at least trying to help them understand the permanence of it all. My Nan would have been 100 this year and while my son was only 1 when she died he feels like he remembers her because of the photos we show him and the stories we share.

  3. These are just darling I love reading about not just the family but the house updates as well. Sure you can do that all in just a bit of time for your living room. You are you! lol I bet it’s going to look absolutely amazing. Take lots of before and after photos lady! #meandmineproject

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