Here we are again… In what has felt like a brief blink of an eye, another month has passed and Christmas is staring us right in the face.  There is so much to look forward to in the next few weeks, but I want to just cover what we’ve been up to in November (I think you might be surprised by the house news!)

Life With… The Family

The usual work trips that I dread Scott going to have come and gone (and creeping back at me again).  I mentioned on instagram stories at the time about how strange it is and how intensely organised me and the girls become when he is away.  I find myself doing illogical tasks like hoovering every night before bath time and checking the front door 25 times a night.  I’m not sure if it’s a distraction technique, or auto pilot, but I’m not a fan of it.  So I look forward to another session of that (can’t lie, the girls love the cordless Dyson, so it’s a win win!)

I went to You Tube this month… Something that I also found incredibly terrifying.  I was determined to go, even though I had little idea of who was going to be there.  Well I knew them, but didn’t have the courage to approach them.  Getting there super early meant I was shown into the Google offices to wait (ultimate geek moment!).  I literally just sat and absorbed the amazing surroundings, envying those who worked there.  What a place! I met some rather lovely new blog/vlog ladies, which is all good, as we all tend to see each other at similar events.  I didn’t vlog when I was there, as I wanted to pay full attention on what I was being told, but I have filmed a vlog on some tips I picked up, which is due to go up shortly.

Liv has lost another tooth, so that’s both bottom teeth out now and her face looks so different.  It’s a stark reminder of just how quickly they grow up, which is making me want to grab both the girls and push pause forever.  I’m feeling very sentimental to the fact that they are needing me less and less.

Life With… The House

Well, finally… Yes, finally… The living room that has been causing me the most intense twitchy eye is 90% finished!  Now if you read regularly you will know that 90% is a bit of a stumbling block for me.  I struggle to get past it.  However, we have carpet down, it’s painted and the sofas (which I haven’t seen, since we bought them 3 years ago) are uncovered and in the room (perhaps a little more beige than I remember… sadly).  Now for the incomprehensible task of rugs, coffee table, and other furniture.  I have been scouring Pinterest like my life depends on it, but the beige sofas are throwing me!  Note to self… No matter how good the bargain is, don’t buy it unless the room is ready for it!

If trawling through Pinterest has done one thing, it’s given me the vision to complete another couple of rooms.

Oh, and I’ve rather stupidly promised a house tour (excuse the half finished jobs!) when I hit 1,000 subscribers on You Tube.  I’m 9 away as I type this!  So hubs is primed to help me finish what we can before we do it.  It sounds crazy, but I feel the need to apologise in advance.  I think it’s easy to get the wrong impression from a few photos and I’m rather embarrassed to show you how unfinished it is.

The OutTakes

When you really just want to play with bubblewrap than be in the picture…




  1. Sounds like November has been a busy one! Well done on getting so much done with the living room, and don’t you dare apologise for how your home looks – it’s a family home, no one with kids has a picture perfect place! ❤ xx

  2. Ahhh these are so cute and lovely hunny. I love a family snuggle selfie just darling. I never have long enough arms to fit us all in like this. I love it. So jealous I wanted to go to the youtube event so badly but I was so sick from vertigo and pregnancy it was killing me. Will wait your tips. I need to get a better video intro just waiting to do my new site design and logo so I can make it look more professional. It’s all over the place at the moment. Need your youtube coaching. lol Come visit me!!! Happy Holidays. #meandmineproject

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