Ok, so whoever pushed fast forward on life, can they hit pause next! How can we be heading into August.  The school holiday is almost over (for Scotland that is), I didn’t even get a chance to look for a family break, or do our summer project room.  Time seems to progressively be speeding by faster and faster.  It makes me ever more grateful that I push myself to capture our memories in this way, otherwise I’m pretty sure we would have years missing from our photo albums! 

Life With… The Family

This has been our first school summer holiday and I was rather nervous going into it.  I wanted to keep my work days set, so Liv has been enjoying holiday club.  On occasion work has crept into non work days and that’s not always an issue when it’s just MM I need to contend with, but it would be twice as costly with both girls if that happened in the holidays.  It goes without saying that there is huge mummy guilt, but with it being my first year in business, and an already full work load… I would have been no fun trying to wear my mum hat full time, when in my head I’d have been freaking out that I’d have to work until 3am to get everything done. This way she can get all of me on the days she’s with me, rather than a zombie me everyday.  As part of my own little vlogging challenge, I vlogged out first holiday weekend (I should vlog the last and compare the 2!)

Holiday wise we haven’t managed to go anywhere other that our parents for weekends… Again due to work commitments.  However, I was doing a spot of work in London, so we made a child free weekend of it (more on that soon!) I’m not sure why I thought that would recharge our batteries… If anything it did the opposite!  Perhaps it was all the cringy instagram posing that tired us out!

The girls had a ball with my parents though and had a jam packed weekend of fun, but things never feel quite right when we’re apart for that length of time, so I was equally glad to be reunited with them.

Life With… The House

I’m unsure of whether I mentioned our summer project in the June post, but here we are 4 weeks into the holidays and it remains untouched (you can see how it currently looks in the vlog above… be warned, it’s horrific!) However, I made myself feel a bit better this morning by finalising the carpet order.

I had a bit of a wobbly moment about the house this week though.  I know we’ve come a long way with it and a lot of the big things have been done… But our last 3 properties were new builds and so you get lulled into a sense of satisfaction that comes with everything being perfect.  With this property there is always something still to be done… Even the rooms that are ‘done’, still have something to finish off properly.  I feel like a rabbit in the headlights right now.  I know that if I write a list, I’ll be able to see my way out of it.  But for someone who takes huge pride in the house being a certain way and organised to a fine detail… I’m really out of my comfort zone.  Scott often jokes that ‘we don’t live in a showhouse’ and I do try to find that middle ground, but it’s something that chips away quietly and causes moments like this after a period of time.  I hate to say it, but I’ve purposely not invited people round or take photos at certain angles, because I’m embarrased by it.  I’ve never been one for sharing anything unless it’s 100% done, but it’s getting to the point now where people probably think I’m being a tad odd.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and I know that much as we said this was our forever house… I really don’t want it to take us forever to get it all at the same level of complete throughout (should have bought a new build right!)




  1. OH hunny even if you got a new build like us you would be constantly wanted to change, style, decorate and not show anyone until it’s show home perfection which is my constant problem too. hahah So I can relate. I love your home it’s the most amazing styled home I have ever seen (through virtual/photos). hahaha Be proud and everyone loves a before and after session or thousand too. sounds like your first year of business is going well and you are finding balance. MM starting school makes me think and pushing me to find that next thing to add to my work load. I am nervous might need to pick your brain. #meandmineproject

  2. I know the feeling with the house – we’ve still got so much to do but it’s all going to have to wait until we can save some money to do it! I hope you enjoyed your summer holidays – I have to say I’m not missing being in Scotland and going back to school this week at the moment! #MeAndMineProject

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