Naughty, naughty me!  I neglected to do a December update… I’m blaming it fully on the festivities… So double whammy this month I guess!  Let’s get right into the first round up of 2018 (and the final of 2017!)

Life With… The Family

We have been busy, as always, with day to day life.  Entering a new year is a little scary, when you realise that the girls are going to turn 3 and 7! When did that seriously happen?! So it has really hit me just how time really is running away with us.  We are trying so hard to be more mindful of time and put down mobile phones and spend more time together… It’s always a real goal of mine to maximise family time. So whether that’s game night, movie night, or getting out and about in the fabulous countryside, I’m really one for that!  Before long they will have plans of their own (and phones of their own!) and won’t want to spend time with us, so I’m cramming in all that I can for now.

I’m not sure if I dare bore you with the fibre saga?  Maybe just briefly!  I have dedicated so much time to finding out about fibre options, plans… Joined schemes, contacted MP’s, the council, Openreach, Digital Scotland and getting nowhere!  I’ve never had patience and clearly they are up to something in our area, which makes me very excited, but I really want to know exactly what, when and will our property be included?  At the moment it looks very much like all work stops half a mile from our house.  Imagine if we lose out on fibre by that much!  The frustration! Half a mile can mean the difference of 80mbps or 5mbps, so it sadly does keep me awake at night. I’m trying to shout as loud as I can to the relevant people so that the little 6 houses at the road end don’t lose out.  So that is my life saga at the moment.  The joys of rural living I guess… Still with me?!

Life With… The House

We are getting fairly close to finishing the Living Room.  We just need to sort window dressings and get a few pieces of furniture.  Then it’s a case of the bits and bobs to dress the room.  The Christmas break stopped my buzz and now I’m finding it hard to get back the interest to finish it, as the New Year means I’m full to the brim with ideas and focus on other areas.

I feel like I’m constantly adding to the list of things to do to the house, without actually getting a space “finished”… Don’t let me get started on what I class as “finished”!  There’s just not enough time (or budget!)  Can youo believe that I’m tinkering away in the office again?!  At least we have laid the flooring in their now.  Although the door never made it back on after that.

We will be decluttering the house… We will be finishing more spaces off… I WILL FINISH THE LIVING ROOM AND ACTUALLY USE IT!  You can remind me of that when I’m still saying the same thing in June!

I think that’s us just about caught up! What have you been up to this month?






  1. Stunning family photos as always love the color pops too. I can imagine it’s frustrating losing out on fibre just down the road you will have to sit in the car with laptop to gain benefits rural living i have same problem at my parents house I can’t do YouTube there at all it’s so frustrating mountain life. #meandmine
    Jenny recently posted…New Theme, Vlogging Goals, and a new shop #littlelovesMy Profile

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