Here we are again… finding ourselves at the end of yet another month. It feels like someone has pressed the fast forward button on life and I can’t find the remote!  Ever since I was little, I couldn’t wait to be 16… then 18… then 21… then married… then to have kids.  It’s a strange feeling to finally have ticked these achievements off, I can’t help but think I’ve wished half my life away though.  Now I want to throw down the anchor and just enjoy it, but it’s passing quicker than I would like and faster with each year that passes by.  If only that remote was real… I’d be hitting pause for certain, just so I can take it all in for a bit.

With March landing tomorrow and the end of the first quarter in sight, it’s time to reflect on what’s been happening this month in our little lives…

Life With…The Family

So we are still finding our groove again after the Christmas break and just as we were getting into it… half term arrives!  Munch is getting so noticeably older (grab that remote!) and all her little school friends are losing their first teeth, which scares me a bit.  Katie (Mummy, Daddy, Me) wrote a post about how it’s the last child like feature about them and it’s true.  Getting used to a new appearance, one with gaps and teeth that don’t quite fit yet, is going to be quite a heart wrenching one.  Not in a bad way, but it’s a big deal to me.  That’s probably why she hasn’t had all her baby curls cut out yet.  Who knew I was such a sap and clinging on to every little reminder of her baby years (get a grip woman!).

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MM is really becoming a little character now.  She yabbers away in a language only she can understand, although we can usually decipher from the tone and determination, exactly what she is trying to tell us.  I’m noticing more and more muddled words.  Each of the girls have a Pooh Bear that they sleep with and so she has started to say that.  I will never tire of the way she pronounces ‘helloooooooo’… like Mrs Doubtfire.  It’s crazy to think she will be 18mths by the time I write next months update.  I’m loving that she is so little, as it’s really keeping alive the babyhood for a teeny bit longer, especially as she is our last.

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Work is going well…it’s a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows and hairy moments.  I’ve had a touch of the ‘grass is greener’ this month and craved the 9-5… but I think that is just because I find solace in routine and because I’ve been so busy and working away more of my ‘downtime’, which makes switching off rather difficult.  Also, losing my Nana and not really having the time to reflect and grieve made me feel a teeny bit bitter.  But it’s all a learning curve and I can’t deny that being flexible is better for us as a family, especially for school holidays.  I need to remember to see the good that has come from things, rather than the negative at times.  I’ll get there!

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Hubs still has a few work trips… this is his quiet travel year.  Although I’d like a ‘no’ travel year personally, I am still getting used to spinning the plates when he is away.  It’s standard form up here in Aberdeen.  I can’t think of many school mums who don’t share this battle and for longer periods than I have to!

Life With…The House

I have rolled up my sleeves and finally got into finishing the rooms off.  The office is 98% there (just the new flooring to be laid…which I’ll have to carefully crop out when I do the tour next week).  Believe it or not, scheduling the blog/vlog tours into my diary is forcing me to finish them.  So I’m not complaining and I’m sticking with what works!  Poor hubs is being nagged to finish off the final bits in time (although the office floor has clearly slipped).

We have a few exciting home projects coming up, including finishing the last room in the house AKA the junk room (Living Room).

As I said, having a ‘reveal’ schedule is really helping me and fuelled on by that amazing buzz you get when you can stand back and admire the work.  I’m also finding that by finishing these spaces off, that my passion for organising has been rekindled in all aspects of my life.  I’m now running our family calendar and staying more in control.  So the effect has been huge!  Also, things now have a ‘place’ which helps with keeping things tidy.

If you want to take a look at my latest vlog (blog coming this week), you can see how I’ve styled my dressing table and organised the drawer (because we all love a bit of clutter free goals…Just me?!)

That’s it for us this month. What have you been getting up to?

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  1. I can not believe how grown MM looks this month, it’s crazy. The light in these pictures is beautiful xx

  2. These are such lovely photos – the light is fabulous! I can’t believe how big MM is getting – she sounds like Gabe babbling away in his own language that no one really understands but him 🙂 #MeandMine

  3. Oh these are truly beautiful snaps I love the effect of the light on them. It’s so creative and lovely. Kids are growing up so fast girl. off to Check out your vlog I just redid my dressing table too. Just need a few bits to arrive before I can share. Great minds alike. lol Hope you have a wonderful month ahead. #meandmineproject
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