How can I start off this post and not mention the weather… We are meant to be heading into spring and it’s definitely a case of false sense of security by mother nature.  Always a card up the sleeve there eh!  Well let’s get into our February update, as I’ve had enough snow chat to last me the year.

Life With… The Family

VW California Scottish Highlands road trip

February seemed to just whizz by and it was just splendid.  It brought us our first family vacation as a 4 piece.  We stayed in Scotland and headed to the West Coast for a long weekend for the school break and wow… The scenery was just amazing.  Around every bend was another postcard worthy backdrop.  If youo didn’t follow over on Insta Stories, then you can watch our adventures below.  I’ve never been so emotional when editing video as I was working on this.  So many memories to last a lifetime.

We based ourselves near Glencoe in a place called Ballahulish and it’s a place I can see us visiting regularly… It’s just wonderful and it was really what we all needed.  It’s such a special responsibility to be the one who makes the memories and gets to help carve out the childhood experiences and I really hope we are doing it justice.

VW California Scottish Highlands road trip

lwu Feb 18

Life With… The House

We have jump started DIY again, after that initial lull.  We have painted the inside of the windows in my office white!  I couldn’t stand the brown any longer… The difference is staggering.  Makes the space feel more open.  Although being a perfectionist, seeing the brown external of the window is making my eye twitch out its socket, but progress is progress and it’s not forever.  It wasn’t too difficult to do, although we masked the glass, which I don’t think we’d do again… As it has peeled a little when we removed it and now we need to touch that up.  But I’m not too discouraged and I am going to tackle the living room next.  As it’s a temporary solution (AKA it’s driving me nuts that we can’t change the windows yet) I don’t think we’ll do all the rooms, only those where it annoys me the most.

I’m making a few tweaks in the office, by way of a new desk.  I wanted to house the PC out of view and widen the desk to fill the space, so hubs is working on a scaffold board table top to rest on top of some drawers.  I’m forever perfecting this space because I spend so much time in it and I want it to be perfect!

The living room is coming along too.  We are waiting on some blinds being made and then I need to dress the room.  I’m rather excited to get it finished and on the whole I’m feeling quite positive about the house progress for the moment.  Things seem fairly achievable, where as I couldn’t see the light for so long.  Hoping this is the year we’re going to complete the inside!



  1. Wow what beautiful family photos! <3 I do love a good desk space… it's all goals isn't it? 😉

  2. So lovely what a fab trip. I need to sit down and catch up with your vlogs they look ace. But I am always nervous they make me buy things for my house too hahahaha Sounds like despite the crazy weather we have been having you got to get out for adventures we are desperate for spring here and to do the same. Sorry for late commenting catching up today. 🙂 #meandmineproejct

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