So we’ve been ‘back to school’ for 2 weeks now and naturally summer has decided to finally arrive.  It’s been another fast paced month for us and you can maybe tell from the pictures where we’ve been!

Life With…The Family

LWU August 2016

The past month has whizzed by, I think mainly because we’ve been getting ready for school.  With 2 weeks under our belt now, the full days are just starting and this means we can get used to a new structure and try to find our rhythm as best we can.  I have been really worried about starting school, but that has more to do with the lack of insight on a day to day basis.  As a family, we’ve been spoiled with extensive daily feedback at nursery and now I get Munch’s version of events…so just a little bit different.  She has settled in really well with all her nursery friends, which I think made it less scary for us both and we even use the nursery before and after school club on the days I work.

LWU August 2016 1

MM has been going to nursery more, to free up time for me to work and she is really enjoying the interaction.  They do so many activities with them and it’s such a great facility…I can’t fault it!LWU August 2016 3

This weekend, little MM will be getting Christened.  We got Munch Christened when she was 8 months old and we kept her full outfit with the intention of MM wearing it.  But time just ran away and due to availability at the Church, MM will be 11 months old…however, the dress, shoes and cardigan fit perfectly, as she is such a dinky one.  We will need to alter the headband though, which is too big (go figure!)

LWU August 2016 4

Work wise, hubs has trips away coming up and I’m throwing myself as best I can into the hustle of all hustles and trying to balance my focus on the blogging side as well as my new marketing company.  I have so many ideas for both, but time isn’t limitless so prioritising my time (in what are both quite fiercely competitive industries) is something I’m finding hard to do at the moment…It’ll come eventually right?!  Talking of which, I have a few projects in the pipeline that are rather exciting and things that I wouldn’t be doing at all if it wasn’t for my blog (which makes me grateful).  One of these is launching this week and it’s a collaborative You Tube channel called The Parent Pod I’m rather excited to be taking this leap into vlogging more, as I’ve been toying with it up until now and I feel ready to take the next step.  Doing it with a group certainly takes the sting out!  So do hop over and subscribe…the first video will go live on Thursday!

Life With…The House

Ahhhh, the never ending renovation of the family room.  I feel like I can finally see the end of it, but I keep getting attracted to new accessories and furniture that we just can’t afford right now, but oh they are so perfect!  The lovely Gaby at Life In Eight posted the most wonderful instagram image of her toy storage system (Ikea Besta) and now I’m looking at our grubby Kallax system and hating every inch of it.

Hubs has been busy working in the garden this past few weeks. Keeping on top of the grass cutting is quite a challenge.  I daren’t even look outside, as it’s unrealistic to think we’ll be able to tackle the exterior within the next 5 years.  It’s an amazing space, but I find it incredibly frustrating not being able to ‘get at it’ and make it how I see it in my head.  So for now…I close my eyes between the car and the house.

That’s it for this month…I wonder what September will bring?!

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