It’s hard to believe that we are heading into May already… someone might want to tell the weather though, as we’ve had snow.  Just when I thought things were toasting up!

Well it has certainly been one of ‘those’ months and I think our photo reflects that… last minute, hectic, blurry and just glad to get it done!  So without further ado… it’s time to look back at April and what we’ve been up to.

Life With… The Family

We had a lovely couple of weeks during the school holidays.  We made the use of long Easter weekends throughout and packed it full with trips, family visits and spending as much time together as possible.  It was really nice, but admittedly hard to get back into the swing each week.

Munch finally chopped her hair off and we waved goodbye to those baby blonde curls that I was so sentimentally attached to.  She instantly looks so grown up, even though her hair is still the same style and equally as long.  I think it’s just one of those emotional moments.


MM is growing up super quick.  Just this last week her speech has really developed and she can actually tell us what she wants now… cue the strong willed stage.

I have been very busy, which I can’t complain about! I just need to keep an eye on the balance of work and life, as it’s very easy for the lines to become blurred when you work from home.  But it has been nice to have Hubs at home more often with the holidays and with less travel this month too.  Although I’m dreading the ramp up of his travel in May and June… eek!

April also saw the start of my Roaccutane treatment for my skin, which I’ve popped up on my You Tube channel (should you want to take a look) and I will be filming the progress during the treatment and putting that up when I’m done.  I’m only 2 weeks in and the side effects are pretty apparent, not very pleasant and there is still 5-7 months left of treatment.

Life With… The House

We are still beavering away at the odd jobs and planning some larger ones too.

I have bought a few bits and pieces to finish off certain rooms (haul above)… although you know how I am by now (no room is ever ‘finished’).  I’ve also been talking about office organisation and even filmed a room tour of Liv’s room and have other rooms planned too… so keep an eye on the blog for that this week… But here is a sneaky peek!

Ofcourse with spring, brings grass cutting and this has meant that Hubs is being pulled away from inside projects to take care of the garden… much to my dismay, but needs must! I’m keen to get the inside finished this year for sure.  And by that I mean ‘FINISHED’!

That’s us for April though.  Hope you had a good month!

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