Another week has passed, which means I am 1 weeks closer to my due date (ok, I have 24 weeeks to go). I’ve had a diagnosis of SPD by the Physio, so I’ve been doing exerciases and taking it easy.

I’ve been finishing of Munch’s bedroom, ready for a reveal in the not so distant future. I can’t wait to show it off. I think it’s better than my room if I’m honest!


I’ve been reading up on things to do whilst we are on out holiday in France and also out long weekend in London (for Britmums).  Any suggestions?


Sun and snow in one weekend.  Saturday we had our sunglasses on and Sunday….this!

little loves lastly 010515

Crazy weather! Only in Scotland can you go from 20c to 4c overnight.


An absolute classic from Snoop and JT, which reminds me of my pre baby convertible days.  Blasting out tunes in hot weather with the roof down (like a muppet!)


A brilliant discovery!  I drool over the English Country unique shops, only to dismay that we don’t have anything similar here.  Well, I was wrong.  I discovered this gem 5 minutes from our house.  Reclaimed and upcycled furniture and modern and vintage nik naks a plenty!

little loves made 010515


I’m still in leggings this week, so Munch is stepping in for me.  Here she is in a little Summer dress from Next just before heading to a 4th birthday party at 5pm (randomly late).

little loves wore 010515

And lastly..

That big secret…well I can finally reveal all!  I’m delighted to be collaborating with another 2 blogger friends of mine (Donna – What The Redhead Said and Steph – Mental Parentals) on a food lovers blog called Eat Your Heart Out.  You can find out more on the launch post.

little loves lastly 1 010515









  1. Oh it must be a relief to finally get the secret out! Sounds very interesting!! Cannot believe you had sun one day and snow the next!!! Hopefully the blizzard didn’t last too long.. Have a wonderful weekend cc

  2. Sun one day and snow the next. Sounds like back home. lol I love your new blog I know I said it when it was first done but love the new look hunny. It’s lovely. What a gem shop to find near you. Lucky lady. Your little one is one gorgeous mini you!!!! Lovely #litteloves.

  3. Ah so exciting that the secret is out! Munch looks super cute in her sunny clothes 🙂 x

  4. Love the look of the new blog!! i have a little project too which im working lots on, yet to be published 🙂 SPD isn’t fun at all i had this with P. Ooo i love vintage little cafes and furniture shops! weakness! x

  5. Oh SPD is awful. I didn’t get diagnosed til 37 weeks pregnant and I was in agony! It was too late by then to have physio though, annoyingly. Hope it eases a bit for you.

    Have a great weekend xxx

  6. Ah.. a new project is always exciting, good luck with it all, it looks great! The weather is crazy isn’t it? At least you can go shopping to cheer yourself up – I love a new shop too! Have a great week x

  7. Life at the Little Wood Reply

    Yay for the new blog!! Amazing! I’m so excited to follow it – I need teatime inspiration, big-style! And boo for the snow! I love it in Winter, but it’s May for goodness sake! Have a lovely bank holiday weekend sweetpea xx

  8. Wow that is some weird weather! The snow does look lovely though. I had SPD, horrible condition to have on top of all the usual pregnancy aches and pains, hope you dont get it too badly.

    I love that song! Just blared it out and the kids gave me a funny look. Good luck with your new blogging venture, it looks great! Have a lovely weekend! x

  9. Oh wow best of luck with the food blog, I love food and love to cook, so
    I’ll be a loyal follower! The weather in Scotland is as erratic as Ireland! We have a fire on this afternoon. Love little discoveries like those shops! Poor you with the SPD, hope you are resting. I’m a teeny weeny bit jealous that you get to experience labour and meet your new baby! Enjoy your pregnancy, I’m missing my bump!! Have a lovely week xxx

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