Whether the recent holiday made you decide that you can’t face another occasion cooking in your old oven or you’re simply planning to freshen up your home this spring, if you’re planning some upgrades to your kitchen then here are five new kitchen looks that are burning hot for 2016…

The new natural

5 Kitchen trends 2016

You can tap into nuances of the new natural whether your preference is for traditional style kitchens or something a little more sleek and modern. Moving us on from the industrial obsession of the last few years, the new natural sees continued use of mixed metals such as copper and bronze – albeit in slightly warmer tones – paired with the natural beauty of stone and wood. For finishing touches, look to locally sourced crafts and art to incorporate the sustainable element of this trend. Keep things light and airy with lots of natural sunlight too, try external wooden bi-folds for a luxury natural look that blends in, these from Creative Doors Direct have a nice oak finish. Tidy kitchen utensils into woven baskets, place your fresh cut flowers in a handmade vase and brighten up your space with prints from local artists that are inspired by your surroundings. The look needn’t be expensive but it will feel more personal and unique.

Black is back

5 Kitchen trends 2016

There’s something distinctively 80’s about a shiny black kitchen but black is most definitely back and the shade is sleeker and shinier than ever. However, before you go OTT with an all-over black lacquer look, think about incorporating accents with black appliances or off-set the shine through juxtaposition with matte tiles, subtler shades on the walls or dark wooden benches. Pick and mix with the natural look for an eclectic edgy feel. There’s huge style potential with the noir renaissance, just be sure your look stays firmly in the realms of kitchen rather than cauldron room!

Tactile textures

This next trend is a great complement to the comeback of the colour black but also sits easily alongside more muted shades and is a friend of the natural look. Moving on from mixed metals, we’re increasingly seeing flooring, tiles and even backsplashes made more interesting thanks to a firm focus on tactile textures. Whether it’s tiling in more complex patterns or using smaller tiles like penny tiles to suggest texture or indeed, embellished and raised tiling and stones that make a feature of flooring and wall coverings, tactile textures are surface areas that will not only catch the eye but you’ll want to run your hands over.

Tech touches

Tech touches aren’t just for the gadget lovers who have a bread maker, Kitchenaid and their own personal sous vide machine. Even if your culinary tech exploration hasn’t surpassed the use of the spiralizer to create courgetti, you may find your next kitchen upgrade sees you welcoming subtle but helpful tech touches in. Increasingly bespoke kitchens are incorporating clever docking facilities for tablets and smartphones, helping to protect our go-to gadget for recipe hunting from splash risk. Then there’s the helpful LED lights that welcome you into your cupboards and illuminate their contents. No longer need your Marmite linger, unseen, uneaten and unloved at the back of the shelf. If you’ve not had lit cupboards before, you’ll wonder how you did without them.

Speaking of lighting, pendant lights are still bridging both stripped back and more homely set ups. A row of warm rose copper pendant lights above kitchen islands is a common and aesthetically-pleasing touch, though you’ll also find them arranged in bunches at differing heights to cover different prep areas.

Soothing shades

Sage, other greens, greys and shades in between have reigned supreme in culinary spaces for some time but now even more soothing shades are being championed. Neutral natural shades are prominent, which work well alongside the wood and stone of the natural look, as do muted pastels with particular favourites to emerge including moreish mint. Use these soft shades as a design backdrop to place the focus firmly on patterns and textures.



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