Part of our home renovations was the kitchen, in fact it was the top of the list. The kitchen we have is solid wood doors, counters and the flooring is laminate.  I feel like we need to plant some trees just looking at it.  I knew when we first moved in, it had to go.

We had such a lovely kitchen in the last house and I can’t wait to get back the organisation and style that we had.

kitchen home tour

There are key things to think about when doing your kitchen and you want to get them right, as a kitchen is something that the average person lives with for up to 10 years.


Kitchen layout is key to the flow of the room.  When it comes to cooking you want to make sure that everything is easily accessible.  Think about placing your fridge close to where you plan to prepare your food and think about storing utensils and pans close to the hob for quick access.

If you have alot of bulky cooking or baking alliances such as mixers, you will need to consider storage height and width, so that you can fit everything into your new space.

Consider a kitchen designer to help you plan your optimum layout, such as the free design option at Homebase.


Is the kitchen the heart of your home? Perhaps it’s open plan with your living space.  You will want to think about how this space will suit your family needs.  Will you be eating in the kitchen and need a breakfast bar or separate table?

kitchen home tour


It’s so easy to pick an on trend kitchen and love it for 2 years.  If like most you plan to keep your kitchen for over 5 years you’ll want to pick something clean and timeless.

kitchen home tour

You can add personality into your kitchen space through decor, handles, crockery and soft furnishings.  Even doors can be easily changed these days if you opt for good quality cabinets and a good layout.

Disclosure: This post is in association with Homebase.




  1. It’s amazing what can be done to a kitchen just with a few small touches, I love these tips. We painted our little kitchen white last year when we moved in (it was dark red which made it look even smaller!) and have just replaced the flooring too as a temporary measure. Those two little and fairly inexpensive steps have made such a big difference. I’m still looking forward to the day we can afford to build the “proper” kitchen though. Lovely blog x

  2. One day you can design my kitchen for me – you’re pretty awesome at this housey type stuff x

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