The start of a New Year is synonymous with taking stock, setting goals and reflection.  I try not to make resolutions per se, however one of my ‘goals’ or ambitions was to move with the times and dip my toe into the big scary world of vlogging on You Tube.  I’ve been sharpening my video editing pencil since the last year and it’s something that I, bizarrely, quite enjoy.  It can be time consuming, but I get so engrossed in it that hours literally fly out the window.It’s very early days and I do believe it goes hand in hand with my blog.  So, I’m thinking of it more as complimentary, rather like a nice slice of cake with my latte and not a substitute at all (You’re all breathing a sigh of relief I’m sure!)

I’m a very little fish in a giant and humongous pond over there.  But, my toe is well and truly in and I’m just a tad addicted for now…which is a bit odd for someone who is shy and private (it’s not like thousands are watching me!)


I upload each Sunday at 7pm, (when there is loads of competition…who had that brilliant idea?!) and you can expect vlogs about home hauls, tips and chatty updates and I plan to add video tours of my home (when it’s ever reveal ready!)

One rather cliche thing that I do plan to do, is a good old Q&A when I reach 500 subscribers…tad ambitious for a vlog newbie?! So if you have something you are itching to ask, or any ideas for upcoming videos…do let me know either in the comments here, or over on the comments on my welcome video and I’ll be sure to answer them…keep it clean!

Oh and if you are subscribing to my channel, do hop across to my PacaPod giveaway post and submit your details before the 12th February 2017 for a chance to win the PacaPod Portland, worth £140RRP!!



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