It’s true what they say, that nothing can prepare you for becoming a Mummy… Absolutely nothing or no one could give you the insight for what lies ahead for you or your little bundle of joy.  But here I am a good “almost 7 years” in to my journey and my mind is blown… Here’s what I’ve learned about becoming a mum:

There is always another stage just around the corner.

Whether it was the more early stages such as the sleepless nights, or  potty training… Or the drama that comes from being a 6 year old at primary school.  There’s always something for you as a mum to fraternise over.  Why did this happen?  Did I do something wrong?… What could I have done differently? Never mind that there’s 2 parents and responsibility is shared, when it comes to blame… I’ve become my own worse critic on that front!

Everyone parents differently.

Seems a pretty obvious one.  I’m by no means hugely opinionated when it comes to techniques or methods… Each to their own and whatever works. But as predicted, school can be a melting pot of different morals.  “Someone is allowed to do it” or “so and so has one” becomes a favourite phrase.  Whether it’s bedtimes, material items or just playing nice… Your little bubble is about to be put under the spotlight and compared to others by kids!

It’s as if it were you.

Your child’s pain becomes your pain.  Throw all logic out the window, because there is no hurt like that of when your baby comes home upset about something. Growing up is tough… One day you’re best friends and the next day you fall out.  Those sad days are just the pits for us parents.  There isn’t enough bubble wrap in the world to protect them and you know that there’s tougher lessons to come.

Peer pressure.

This one is my favourite. You are adamant in your head that you won’t get caught up in the latest craze, or buy certain branded things just because “everyone else has it”… 24 hrs later you’ll be adding said item to your Amazon basket.  Bang go your morals in just one click!

So however you thought parenting would turn out, you’re probably having your ideals and morals tested on a daily basis… But it’s ok, because the next stage is just around the corner…Right?!




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  1. Oh you’re so right! It’s a constant rollercoaster isn’t it?

    Absolutely worth every moment though! <3 x

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