First of all I want to apologise for the complete lack of blogging or social media presence for the last 6 weeks. As some of you may have seen, I’ve been in hospital and thereafter bedridden. During this time I’ve been lucky enough to have #weekendinanutshell covered by a number of lovely bloggers, whilst the rest of my blogging schedule got put on hold.

The time has come and I’m ready to explain whats been going on with me, all be it not how (as a blogger) I had planned to make the announcement in a rather creative way. However, being laid up has hampered that.  So here it goes…
Blog Pregnancy Announcement

I’ve been suffering quite severely with HG (hyperemesis gravidarum…AKA what Kate had) since around the 5-6 week mark.  As we had been trying, I found out rather early on.  Infact it was the morning that I was meeting the lovely Glasgow Mummy.  So I was able to enjoy a week and a half before I went downhill pretty rapidly.

I made a point of warning my boss on a Tuesday, as I’d suffered with HG when I was pregnant with Munch until around the 20 week mark.  Little did I know I’d end up in hospital that night with a suspected ectopic, which turned out to be a cyst.  I never did make it back to work after that.

I think it’s safe to say that HG is something only fellow suffers understand fully.  It’s nothing like morning sickness.  Ginger won’t cure it.  Eating little and often is a phrase that just infuriates.  We are talking severe nausea to the point where you can’t ever swallow your own saliva without being sick.  It’s not eating for days at a time, when even the smell of people coming into your bedroom is enough to set you off (why do nurses insist on wearing such strong perfume?!) Needless to say after a week of trying to maintain it at home, I was admitted with pretty severe dehydration.  After a long week in hospital, I was re-hydrated by a drip and after many trial and error the team worked out the right combination of anti sickness tablets that finally let me sip and nibble.  By no means do these tablets stop the nausea or even the sickness. They reduce it enough to allow some intake.

With such a high dosage of 3 different tablets, I’m beginning to feel more human sooner than the last pregnancy with Munch.  I have lost a stone though and due to being bedridden, simple things like standing in the shower is an achievement for now. So I hope to build up some energy levels and return to work sooner than 20 week mark.

It’s definitely been a bit of a roller coaster ride so far with everything that’s happened, but we’re having a baby!!!!! We’re excited for October and looking forward to welcoming BB to our troop and becoming a little family of four.




  1. Patricia Walker Reply

    Congratulations! My youngest daughter was admitted to hospital early on in pregnancy with exactly the same problem so I know pretty much what you mean if not how you feel. Take things steady and enjoy the time as much as you can even while feeling rough x

  2. Oh my lovely! Firstly – huge congratulations, I am so pleased for you. Secondly, you have my sympathy. I have never experienced HG but my sister had it, and it goes far beyond morning sickness. Take every day as it comes. I am glad that the tablets are helping enough to allow some fluid intake at least. Stay strong mummy – you’re growing a human! Big love, look forward to sharing your pregnancy journey.

    • Thanks Kate! It’s a rough time and I knew what I was getting into. Work have been really good, which makes all the difference! x

  3. Huge congratulations hun. I’m so sorry you suffer with HG. At least the doctors have been able to prescribe you the right medicines to help a little. Much love xx

  4. Huge congratulations – hope the HG wears off sooner than last time and you’re feeling well again xx

  5. When I saw you were ill recently I had a little gut instinct call it an irish instinct actually that you were maybe expecting, wonderful news! 🙂 Sorry to hear your so unwell though, I know how you feel suffering terribly whilst pregnant with mini. Hope you will in the coming months feel much much better, Congratulations to you and your gorgeous family xx
    vicki – elliebearbabi recently posted…Learning British sign languageMy Profile

  6. Kelly Finn Reply

    oh sweetheart! Firstly massive congratulations doll! What wonderful news to have read today, this excites me massively!
    Secondly Im so sorry about the bastard HG, I had no idea you had suffered this previously, I’m not a fellow sufferer myself (so don’t understand at all) I do however have a group of friends who all suffered very badly and came together on Twitter to create a support group. The photos, stories and very real blog posts have helped me understand that this is no normal sickness. It also seems to vary massively from person to person, one friends went completely at 14 weeks and others suffered to the bitter end.
    Please do yell me if you need to chat or need any help with weekend in a nutshell, don’t worry about the blog. We’ll all be here ready to read new posts when you’re ready to write them. Huge *gentle* hugs xxx

    • Aw thanks Kelly, that’s a lovely comment 🙂 I knew what I was getting into and it’s partly why we waited until Munch is almost 4, so that she was more understanding. Thankfully she’s been at nursery full time and hubs does the drop off, pick up and the weekends….EVERYTHING! So been quite lucky there. x

  7. Lucy @ heavenly_splat Reply

    Congratulations on your lovely baby news! I have been thinking about you during your absence from IG and wondered how you were. I really hope you start to feel more human soon and you can enjoy the pregnancy and time with Munch xxx

  8. Oh wow congrats!! Just morning sickness floored me so I can’t even begin to imagine what HG is like. Hope it does go away now so you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy x

    • That’s awful Jade! I hate doctors that make people suffer. My friend is in a similar situation and is being offered nothing and pretty much told she’s over reacting. It’s disgusting! x

  9. Massive congratulations, and welcome to the Blogger Bump Club! I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering so much with it. I moaned enough about feeling a bit sick so I can’t even begin to understand what HG must be like. I’m glad you’ve got some meds that are at least helping a bit and I hope it passes soon for you xx

  10. The Pie Patch Reply

    Congratulations on your news, although I’m sure celebrating isn’t high on your list of priorities right now, when hugging the sick bowl seems like a far more likely option. I’ve had two HG pregnancies, so I understand exactly what you’re going through. Mine was for the whole pregnancy bith times so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for yours improving from 20 weeks like before, so at least you’ll get to enjoy the second half. One day at a time. You can do it.

    • Oh bless you! I couldn’t bare the thought of what that must have been like. I’m already getting stick with SPD (pelvis pain) which didn’t kick in until 26wks last time, so I’m gutted. Looks like It’s going to be a rough ride this one x

  11. So sorry to hear it’s been a rough start, fingers crossed it doesn’t last much longer for you. Huge congratulations x

  12. Another Bun Reply

    Congratulations – such lovely news. Sorry to hear you’ve been suffering from hg again x

  13. Life at the Little Wood Reply

    Oh pet! The sickness sounds horrendous! Wishing you a speedy recovery and massive congratulations on your new little bean! 🙂 xx

  14. Congratulations. I suffered the same with both my pregancy’s & it is truly awful, as you are over the moon, with the news but feel so sick. On top of that you worry about baby, but my Dr reassured me, baby is a parasite & will take any goodness from mum to be. I was warned to stop at 2 children, as the condition gets worse with each pregancy, thankfully we only wanted two children.
    Good luck & hope all improves soon

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