I like to keep an eye on interiors trends and I get especially excited when one just might sway me from my industrial roots.  So imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon the news that denim is predicted to be the next interiors trend.

With this in mind, I wanted to see at how easy it would be to incorporate this look to my home as I think, done right, it could compliment my industral decor style quite nicely.

Now whether you want to stick to adopting the colour of blue denim, or brave enough to opt for the fabric itself… there are some great ways to add this trend to your home.

Denim Furniture

As much as I adore a statement piece, I’m a huge fan of keeping the expensive items (such as sofas) interchangable with trends.  However, if you are brave, or have the budget, then yes… You really can get a denim sofa, or occasional chair.  Some ‘to die for’ denim statement chairs would look stunning, or if you don’t want to commit to that, then you can always consider seat pads.  Or make some yourself using denim fabric.. you can shop Fabric.com for home decor DIY projections.

Denim seat pads cushions and denim fleece blanket. Denim home interiors trend

Denim Soft Furnishings

As well as seat pads, there are also denim cushions and rugs available if you wanted to add a touch to your existing sofa or even dress your bed to style up your bedroom.  Adding a blue denim colour throw would also spruce up your sofa, or bring the denim trend to an outside seating area.

Denim colour lamp shade. Denim home interiors trend

Denim Lighting

Nothing has been overlooked!  There are even denim lamp shades, so you can fully adopt the denim interiors trend through your existing floor lamps.

So, what do you think of the denim interiors trend?  Can you see it being added to your home? Do you think it’s a great fit, or a total washout?

Image credit: top – Rug // middle – Pignut throw // bottom – KSL Lamp


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