Oh Instagram, the ever addictive… ever frustrating (I’m looking at you algorythm) hub of my phone.  I love nothing more that scrolling and double tapping away my evenings.  I love nothing more that catching up on my favourites and I’ve been sharing these with your over the past few months, if you want to check back previous instagram crushes.  This month I want to share someone, who I bloody adore (quite frankly).  She was probably one of the first bloggers I ever read, followed on social and even watched on You Tube and that is the rather lovely Katie Ellison from Mummy Daddy Me.

The trouble with social media and instagram in particular, is that it’s very easy for people to judge a book by its cover… Katie’s feed, isn’t just a stunning feed… it’s so much more.  Each photo is so full of emotion, personality and tells a little story.  One of the things I love the most, is that Katie is 100% honest and open… Sharing fears, sleepness nights, highs and lows that come with being a mama all there in the captions.

Insta Crush Mummy Daddy Me

Her home style (and clothing) is right up my street and watching her gorgeous family grow up is a pleasure.  I only had an older brother growing up, so seeing the bond between her lovely little ladies makes my heart burst for when Munch and MM are older.

Insta Crush Mummy Daddy Me

So if you are on the look out for a new account to follow over on instagram… I highly recommend Katie’s.  She also has a travel account too, as their holiday adventures are quite simply out of this World.


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  1. I’m right with you on this, Katie’s instagram is lovely isn’t it? Katie and I started blogging at a similar time and it’s been wonderful to watch her blog and social media go from strength the strength. I have friends who don’t really read blogs, but they all know who mummydaddyme is! xx

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