A few weeks ago Scott and I took the opportunity to have long child free weekend in London.  It’s been 6 whole years since we became parents and pretty much everything we used to do as a couple, from cinema trips to date nates, fell by the wayside, so we had some serious catching up to do!

London is such a diverse and wonderful City and there is really something for everyone.  As we had done London individually and as a family before in the past, for us it was all about the food and just exploring a bit.  The scenery for one is completely different to that in Aberdeen, where it’s all grey granite, so it was great to see the colours, building heights and an entirely different pace of life altogether.

Markets To Visit in London

I was absolutely in my element at The Sunday flea market in Flat Iron Square.  If you follow me you will know how obsessed I am with vintage and industrial home finds and this place had it in abundance! Not only that, but it was like walking into an instagram set.  Everything was just so photoworthy, from the stall holders to the pop up food vans.  I was being one of those instagram wally types (as you will see from this post!)

What to do in london kid free

We also went to Covent Garden on Friday night for some food and watched many a street performer… Oh and if anyone remembers Pineapple Dance Studio (Louie Spence) then that is just around the corner!

Strolling Down The Southbank

What to do in london kid free

This has to be one of my favourite parts of London.  Not only is there plenty of tourist finds, such as the London Eye and the Sealife centre, but it’s just such a buzzing atmosphere of street performers, food (can you see a running theme with the food) and some amazing shops and stalls.What to do in london kid free

St James’s Park

Another favourite of mine is to go for a stroll around this park.  It’s just adorable and so lush.  The animals are always pretty friendly and of course it’s skipping distance from Buckingham Palace and Downing Street, if that’s what you’re also looking to cross off your list.

What to do in london kid free

Regent Street and Carnaby Street

We were lucky to visit during the July road closure on Regent Street, so we enjoyed a leisurely stroll down here and were kept entertained by all the various activities going on.  Even the shops extended out onto the street and had deck chairs and activities on.  We also took the excuse to have a good nosey around Carnaby, which is just quintessentially gorgeous.

Best Way To Travel Around London

What to do in london kid free

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Tube is the best mode of transport.  I really recommend getting an Oyster card, that way you don’t need to worry about fares, you just beep in and out at each destination and you can check your balance or top up online or at any station.  I also saw that you can register to use your contactless bank card too, which is handy!

We really love Shoreditch, so we based ourselves on City Road, which is a few minutes walk to Moorgate or Old Gate Tube.  There are some really interesting places to stay around London though, so why not be a little adventurous and perhaps stay on a yaught, or grand house?! Check out Party Houses for some interesting and unique large group accomodation in the UK for parties, family holidays and group gatherings. You might just find the perfect place and really make your trip one to remember.

You can watch our London adventure video to see what we got up to and I’m glad I took the time to film so much, as it’s a great memory to have.  We are so guilty of capturing our lives all four of us, that we forget how it all began!

What to do in london kid free





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