When we moved into our house 2 years ago, we kept some money back to do some renovating.  Nothing in the house was to our taste and so cue new bathrooms, kitchen, carpets & flooring, internal doors and painting…nothing was spared. We had a budget set aside to do as much as possible.  Knowing the cost of kitchens and bathrooms, this didn’t go as far as you might think.

However, we did pretty well.  We manged to get walk in wardrobes fitted in our bedroom, replace both bathrooms upstairs and the shower room downstairs, re-carpet throughout the upstairs and had enough money left to buy the kitchen and utility room units and appliances.  If you read regularly, you’ll know how thrifty I am. I will scour the internet to find the cheapest in homeware, as we change our taste so often and I’ve already had to hold onto furniture in the past that I don’t like anymore because it was ‘expensive at the time’.

Kitchen update

We were doing well and even had enough in the pot to install the kitchen, but then the industry we both work in (oil & gas) took a rather steep nose dive and job security was in question.  Perfect timing, as I had just gotten pregnant with MM and the plan was to have the inside of the house completed before she arrived…take a break from renovations…then carry on with renovating the outside when I returned to work.

The inevitable happened and I was made redundant 2 weeks into my maternity leave (which yes they can do)…this really blew all of our plans out of the water.  By this time, the kitchen and utility had been sat in storage for 18 months.  The biggest outlay was buying the hardware and appliances in the first place and technically that money was sitting tied up in a kitchen that was slowly dating. So, we took the decision to fit it with literally no money in the pot.  Here’s how we did it:

Sold our old kitchen

The kitchen we had was solid oak (just not our taste) so we actually managed to sell it and the utility room back to the house builder.

Use selling sites

We did a walk round the house and got rid of anything that we didn’t use anymore.  This was the hubs job, he took care of the whole thing and listed various bits on gumtree and ebay.

Hit the sales

We managed to get our flooring in the Boxing Day sales, which saved us quite a bit of money.

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All in all we did pretty well and managed to get enough together to pay for the kitchen & utility to be installed and even have an internal wall taken out.  We didn’t allow for the rather large electrician bill that hit us, due to unforeseen issues, so we had to turn to savings for that one.

I’m just glad that we managed to get the kitchen installed in the end.  But as for the outside, well I think we’ll just have to live with it.




  1. Flying solo Reply

    I constantly sell the old to pay for the new although usually smaller things than a kitchen ? I don’t buy expensive stuff anymore as I change my colours so much I’m forever changing it all & selling it.

  2. I agree with selling things to make way for the new – great idea. People will buy anything! You can pick up some fab deals in the sales and using discount codes too yes. Also, mixing high street and designer works well too – then you can splurge on the cool stuff and scrimp a bit elsewhere! 🙂 Jess xx
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