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I’m doing a Blog 101 series to share what I’ve learned in my first year of blogging with you.  This week it how to make your images pinnable on pinterest.

So in an ideal world, we would all be professional photographers and photoshop experts.  However whether you are or, like me, you’re not…there are a few things you can do to make your blog images visually stimulating and more pinnable on pinterest, driving more traffic to your blog.

Add a ‘Pin It’ rollover to your blog images

Did you know that only 20% of all pins on pinterest are unique pins (probably done by the company or blogger themselves)  However, should someone deem your blog post image pin worthy, you need to make sure you make it easy for them.

I use the ‘Pinterest Pin it’ plug in on my wordpress blog, but there are a few plug ins out there (so don’t be scared that you have to know coding – YOU DON’T!)  These plug ins offer you the bog standard Pinterest logo rollover, but if you want to be a bit creative, you can add one that ties in with your blog design.

If your blog pictures contain photos of your kids in the bath (for example), you might want to be selective about which images you want people to pin.  ‘Pinterest Pin It’ plugin allows you to control this.  Giving you that bit of extra control over your images.

Stock Images

We all know that using images without permission is a big no no!  But did you know about the various free stock images that you can use to help you create that super gorgeous pinnable picture?  If you were at this years Britmums Live, you will have already learned that Getty Images have released a huge amount of royalty free images to the public.  All for the cost of a credit back to the site (don’t forget!).

There is also a second place where I love to get my mitts on free photos (and other bits & bobs…more on that later) Creative Market.  It’s basically an Etsy for graphic designers.  You can pick up various AMAZING things on here from a couple of dollars, to upwards of fifty dollars.  However, each Monday they release a fresh set of free goods to download (YAY!)  This ranges from fonts and little graphics to those all important photo packages.  One week I got a pack of 100 landscape jpegs.

Getting The Repin, again, again and again

Repins account for 80% of all pins on pinterest.  So once your blog post image hits Pinterest you really want to make sure it’s working hard for you.  Some posts warrant a specific pinterest pin, such as tutorials, recipes or craft posts, where you can summerise instructions onto 1 pin.  If you are unsure, search pinterest yourself and see what the most repinned pins look like for that topic.

That being said, for the ‘everyday posts’ you can usually satisfy both the 80% and the 20% by making sure that you have at least 1 image on your post that represents exactly what it is about.  Think of it like an advertising billboard to get people from Pinterest on to your post.  Get creative! Style it up and get that click.

There are a number of free image editing packages out there that will let you add text to images.  A popular choice amongst bloggers is Pic Monkey.  However, there are more programs out there, such as Canva, Photoscape (my favourite) or if you want to be super fancy there is a free program called GIMP, which is almost identical to photoshop (you can even import those fabulous free photoshop brushes you get on Creative Market into it).

Don’t just add text, add creative elements like swirls, arrows (again all available free from Creative Market) to make your image as eye catching and clickable as possible.

Make sure you remember the all important Pinterest Width…736px!


So you’ve gone to all that effort and created that perfectly pinnable image.  Now you want people to find it.  First structure your pinterest boards, using board names and descriptions for each board to cram as many topical keywords in as possible.  Then when you are adding your pin, ensure you select the most appropriate board for it, as well as using the same technique for the pins description.

There are 500 characters on a pin description, but don’t spam it.  Keep your description concise and dense in keywords.  Pins which have a description of 100 characters are more likely to be repinned.

Also pins which have the same keywords in the URL and image name and more likely to appear higher up.

Pin to Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are another way of getting your pin repinned.  Group boards are board where a collection of people can pin to one board.  This makes for a very topical and ‘followable’ board.  Most group board have instructions on how to gain pinning rights in the description.  This instantly gives your pin huge exposure and a better chance of instant repin.

You can find more hints and tips for Pinterest and other blog tips and freebies over on my group Pinterest board:

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