How to make Bath Time Fun

The toddler bath time can sometimes descend into utter chaos.  Want to know how to make toddler bath time fun?  Well we have our toddler bath time essentials list, which helps keep bath time fun for us every night.

1.  Flowerpot Tangle Teaser – £8.99 – This glides through Munch’s hair with ease.  Especially after a day at nursery, when she can often look like she has been dragged through a bush, with paint, play doh and food added for extra effect.  The pot comes in handy for rinsing hair too.

2.  Cuddlemat Colour Changing Bath Mat – £23.20 – Ever tried to wrestle your slippery little person out of a bath that they’d rather stay in? You really need one of these!  Making it fun to get out the bath…fantastic invention.

3.  Prince Lionheart Bathmat – £13.99 – I love the colours of this bath mat and Munch loves playing with it.  The pieces connect together, so serves a dual purpose.  Stick these on the bottom of the bath for a non slip surface, but you can also stick them on the side of the bath and even on the wall tiles.

4.  Nuby Bath Letters – £5.50 – Foam bath letters and numbers are a great bath addition.  These have really helped Munch recognise letters and numbers from a young age.  Made great by the fact that they stick to the wall or side of the bath.  We also have a little game called ‘hunt the letter’, which she enjoys and it makes me feels like we’re doing something moderately educational at the same time.

5.  Cuddledry Towel – £35.79 – It’s hard to find toddler sized hooded towels, so I always get excited when I find another one, especially if it’s a fun design for Munch too.  It’s a bit on the expensive side, but worth it.  Ours has lasted really well and is super soft.  We always have songs and snuggles before putting PJs on.  Lets face it, what kids doesn’t like to roar like a dragon when they come out the bath?!


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