As part of our ongoing home renovations we had to do some research into how to fit skirting boards, as we are having to replace the skirting boards throughout the house.  At first I felt daunted about the task at hand. But it’s actually really simple, so don’t ever feel daunted, as it’s easier than repainting the ones you have (especially if they are dark brown and need many coats!)… So here is our steps to fit skirting boards in 5 easy steps.

Equipment needed to fit skirting boards

You will need the following before you start:

Saw, decorator’s caulk, nails/screws, hammer/screw driver, tape measure, pencil, wood filler, skirting boards and adhesive.

Step 1 – Measuring

Measure the area you are fitting the skirtings too and add on 20-30% (depending on how may corner joins you have) to allow for fiddly off cuts and to reduce the joins you will have.

Step 2 – Start with the Inside corners

Begin by measuring and cutting the boards for any straight inside corners. Remember that with an inside corner will have one straight board end and one “scribed/angled” end to join it. So do all the straights end cuts first.

Apply adhesive to the side that you are placing against the wall, before holding into place and either nail, or if you prefer, screw into place. If you are going to be screwing your skirting boards on, counter sink the screws.

Step 3 – The 45 Degree Angle Cuts

To “buddy up” with the inside corner straights, you’ll need to cut an end at the 45 degree angle so that you get a perfect join.  You will also need to make two 45 degree ends for any external corners. Remember that with external corners, you’ll need to make the cut to marry up with the opposing board.  Always test the corners before fitting so that any minor tweaks can be made there and then.

Step 4 – Fill the Gaps

Use wood filler to fill any obvious nail holes and screws holes and lightly sand, if required.

Step 5 – Seal the Top

Use decorator’s caulk to run your finger along the joins to seal before painting

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how to fit skirting boards in 5 steps


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