As a busy parent and member of the workforce, you need to be a reachable at all times. You never know when your partner is going to call you to say they’ll be home late from work. Or, you might have the school ring and ask you to collect your kid early because they’ve been ill at the school. One good option is a contract phone with no upfront costs which lets you spread the cost of an expensive phone for duration of the contract. What does the ‘no upfront cost’ part mean? Put simply it’s a mobile contract that doesn’t require you to pay anything on the day you take out the contract. Here’s how to choose a good one.

Consider the freebies

SIM only may be cheaper when you think of the expenses bringing up children entails, but contract phones with no upfront costs can save you some money and will also sweeten the deal with some freebies. Vodafone, Sky, Tesco, EE, Virgin Mobile, O2 and Three all offer contract phones with no upfront costs and a few extras. Some include extra data or phone call minutes as part of the deal. Some include free subscriptions to streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime — handy for entertaining the kids. Some offer cashback and rewards. It all depends on the service provider, so think your expenses and where you’d like to save money.

Go for a water-resistant model

You never know when you or your child might drop your phone into the toilet or when the rain might start lashing down on you while you’re using your mobile, so the answer is ‘Yes’. More expensive models tend to be water resistant— an Apple iPhone 8 or 8 Plus can survive in up to a metre of water for 30 minutes — but middle of the range models are also getting on the act these days. Don’t take any chances. Choose a water-resistant model.

Think about the operating system

Another big decision is which operating system to choose: iOS (Apple) or Android (Google)? Choosing a phone that runs on iOS gives you access to the Apple App store. Apple vets the apps before releasing them, so you know any app you download on the iOS is safe to use. You might find your choice is limited when it comes to Apple phones because they’re so expensive.

Opt for an Android phone and you have plenty of variety when it comes to selecting a phone that suits your budget. You can also download lots of apps, games and entertainment from the Google Play store.

Choose a phone that has plenty of storage capacity

You can buy a cheaper phone, but you might not have much storage capacity. Ideally, you want at least 64GB of storage on your phone; more if you’re going to store lots of photos on it or download films or music. Apps also take up much more space lately, too, so plenty of storage is a must.

Use a price comparison website

A good price comparison website can show you deals that you won’t get by going to the network provider. It might be an extra freebie or a lower price. Either way, it pays to investigate the full spectrum of deals available, so visit price comparison websites as well as network providers’ websites.

As a busy working parent, you need a good phone so that people can contact you easily. Contract phones are a good option that, at first glance, might seem expensive, but they make it possible for you to buy a better phone. You can also save money in the longer run and should definitely consider them.

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