By far my favourite home trend of the moment is industrial decor.  I love nothing more than scouring the online shops and boutiques to find unique and worldly pieces that will add character and interest to our family home. However sometimes it is hard committing fully to a style, I know I struggle there and so there are some easy ways you can adopt the industrial home trend into your house, without looking like you’ve turned your home into a workshop.

Industrial Lighting

My biggest love of any trend is lighting.  It is such an affordable and effective way to add a style to your room and industrial is no different.  Whether you opt for a worn metal pendant light, or want to add a gorgeous sphere chandelier to your room, there are various options available to suit your level of brave.  If a ceiling light is too much, or if like me you have spot lights throughout, then you can still get the industrial look in your home by adding lamps.

Industrial Home Accessories

The finishing touches to any room is the accessories… The ornaments, bits and bobs, vases and the like.  The part where you can waste away hours honing the perfect pieces to make that industrial style pop in your home.  I like to keep my stylised home accessories affordable, so that it is cheap to change the look of a room if styles or tastes change.  So set yourself a budget and stick to it!  Make your key decor pieces interchangeable and bring in the industrial style in those more affordable accessories.

Industrial Flooring

Another way to easily add the industrial style to a room, is to change out the flooring.  Hard floors work well with the trend, but if that isn’t possible due to budget or practicality, then you can always add the industrial vibe with floor coverings, such as rugs.  There are many worn, faded rugs our there, or even a good garden rug adds a great industrial texture to any room.

There you have it, 3 ways to add the industrial decor to your home.



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