How to add social icons to wordpress blog

I have provided a few free social media icons for use on blogs since I first started blogging and I’ve had a few of you ask how to add social media icons to a wordpress blog.

First we need to build your code. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds. You don’t need to be a html genius to put this together.

Start by pasting the following code into a basic text editor, such as Notepad:

Next, upload all of your new icons to your wordpress media library.  I like to size these before uploading and I find 45x45px is a good size for my blog.  Copy and paste the image URL for each image into the appropriate section of the code:
How to add social icons to wordpress
How to add social icons to wordpress

Now, paste the social website URLs into the correct section of the code and add your blog name where instructed in the code.

If you need to add an additional social media site, just copy and paste a complete section of code, which you can identify, as it starts with: and ends with

Similarly if you want to remove a site, delete the complete line of code at the same points.

Now you have your completed social media icon code, ready to add to your wordpress blog!

To add this, access your wordpress dashboard, click into ‘Appearance’ then ‘Widgets’:
How to add social icons to wordpress

Either drag a text widget across to the right column, or use an existing one. Open this widget up by clicking the down arrow:
How to add social icons to wordpress

Simply paste your newly constructed code into here and click ‘Save’.

Refresh your site to make sure you are happy with the results and tweak accordingly. You may wish to have an even number of icons on 2 lines. If it’s not displaying as you wish, you can simply add
between the 2 lines of code for the icons where you would want the break.

Ta da!


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