kitchen home tour

Another installment of my current home tour (now that we’ve sold up!) This time I’ll take you on a tour of our kitchen family room.

This room was initially 2 rooms, but as you can see, with garden access from both rooms, it was screaming for a bit of a Grand Designs.  Bi folding doors would’ve looked amazing.  Something that we never got round to before we sold.

We got to pick our kitchen and we paid to change the layout from the original plans.  Knowing that we were taking down the dividing wall,  we moved the breakfast bar and put the fridge/freezer oven and microwave in its place.

kitchen home tour

This was our second new build, so we did all the little things to the kitchen that we wish we did first time round.  Things such as soft close hinges (they weren’t standard!), corner carousel, in built wire baskets and plenty of wine storage!

kitchen home tour

We spend most of our time in this room and I just love it.

What I Love Most About This Room

I adore the high polished floor tiles (a pain to clean) and the heated floor.  I love the wallpaper, the wall art, window display, double oven and the understair storage.  We really put alot of thought into this room and I hope the new owners appreciate it as much as we do.

kitchen home tour

All our media boxes are hidden upstairs, which is such a bonus.  All accessible by remote sensors.

kitchen home tour

Everytime I write a room tour, it breaks my heart to think about leaving it all behind.

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  1. You have such an amazing house, I wish we had such room.
    Why are you moving if you love so much ? Are you going somewhere even better x

    • Thank you! I ask myself this daily! We’re moving out to the country. Hubs is besotted with the new place. I’ll grow to love it. I’ll certainly love the peace! x

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