We had grand plans when we moved in to our country home in 2014.  We promptly set about tearing the inside out of the house, ordering the kitchen and bathrooms and immediately set about a top to toe renovation.  I was going to inject a bit of modern industrial into this 18th century farmhouse and give it a new lease of life.

We very quickly finished the upstairs and with the downstairs left to do, we decided to continue with our family plans and try for baby number 2 in January 2015 (knowing full well that I have quite the debilitating pregnancies).  The big decisions were done, big purchases made, my being ill would not be a problem…and then BOOM…the industry that our entire home city depends upon started to crumble.  Oil prices hit the deck and both our jobs were looking a bit risky.

It was around this time I found out I was pregnant.  Before I was even back to work from my morning sickness hospitalisation, I had already been cut to a 3 day week (which suited me, as I felt so awful).  But this meant that those plans to finish the house before the baby arriving were put on hold indefinitely.


Plans were made to finish the upstairs and even though we had bought the kitchen and utility, it set up home in the living room.  It was so frustrating.  We had already outlaid the big sums for the kitchen and there it was packed away, as we simply couldn’t afford to install it.  Hubs was great though, he set about selling all the spare things we had left from the upstairs renovation.  The old doors, the old bathrooms and even found a buyer for our old kitchen.  He clubbed enough together to pay to install the kitchen and even finish off the living room….yippee!

Although I had since been made redundant, our thrifty renovation continues on…He is selling the flooring we are lifting up, the curtains from the old house…everything you could possibly imagine.  We are finally going to get the inside of this house finished this year and I just can’t wait!Renovations

Work is already underway (excuse the photos…I’m not sure how to make a building site look photogenic!)  The old kitchen and utility has been ripped out (we made a saving here by getting the buyer to come and remove it).  The wall separating the dining kitchen from what we used as a playroom is next to be removed.  Giving us a big open plan kitchen, dining and living area, which will be our day to day living space.  We will be getting rid of the last of the red wood skirtings and door frames throughout and replacing them with white ones. The front and back halls will be refloored and decorated.  Finally the living room will be carpeted (currently cold laminate flooring) and decorated.


Our renovation plans are by no means over though.  We had grand plans to install new windows and external doors (they are red wood too…weep), replace the brown guttering and fascias and even re-render the new part of the house in a modern smooth off white render.


This, however, is on hold.  I honestly can’t imagine us ever having the funds to carry out this work and complete our forever home.  But I am grateful that despite the events that developed in 2015, we are finishing the interior.  I can’t wait to show you!



  1. I am so excited you Hubby made this happen for you. I know it was so important to you.
    I am excited to see more. It looks like it will be an amazing light space x

  2. How exciting that plans are underway and fab your doing it as thrifty as you can!! Look forward to seeing the end product :)!

  3. How exciting I recon your home is going to be amzing!
    I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  4. I look forward to seeing it all finished. We feel the same we wanted a garage and loft conversion and it’s been a few years nothing is done yet. Money pits houses are aren’t they? #love2blog

  5. Oh no I am sorry to hear it hasn’t gone so smoothly for you! Even the best laid plans have bumps in the road I am sure you will get their in the end and have your beautiful family home just the way you pictured it! xx

  6. Hi, I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and have been peeking in ever since. I love to read about your house, I love the idea of living in an old farmhouse myself someday.

    xx Eni

  7. This is so exciting – it will all come together and you will love and appreciate it all the more! Can’t wait to see your progress. Kaz x

  8. Ooo cant wait to see it all finished. I love a good home transformation! Im sure it will be stunning x

  9. I know it feels like it takes ages, but it’ll all come together! And I’m excited to see your after photos 🙂

  10. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! It’s fantastic you’ve been able to get the money to go ahead when things were getting tough! Your hubby sounds like a keeper! xxx
    Kay recently posted…“I’m Still Little”My Profile

  11. Despite being super exciting I can’t imagine how stressful this time is for you, it will be worth all the stress and tears when it is, eventually, all finished and you can relax in your beautiful forever home, even if it does take ten years to finish!


  12. You have a lovely space to work with and it will look absoulutly perfect when it is complete. I look forward to seeing everything when it is complete! 🙂 x

  13. I’m so glad you are managing to finish the interior! I can’t wait to see the finished result! And well done hubby for selling all of the old stuff! Thats amazing. Both myself and my husband were made redundant within 10 months of each other (him in Dec14 and me in Oct 15) and I decided to be a stay at home mum as I;m pregnant with baby number 2. I know what it feels like to suddenly have very little and I applaud your for your persistence! xxx
    Alex Lamb & Bear recently posted…The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep Review – Night 1My Profile

  14. You have had a right old time of it haven’t you? I am glad you are still managing to get it done as much as you possibly can though and just think about how proud you will be when it is all finished. Especially as you managed to do it so thriftily as well. We have such similar styles except I am in a rather boring and bland semi modern house. I would love a house with character!

    • I really can’t wait. It’s been so painstaking. Can’t believe this is week 4 and I still think it’ll be another 2 to go. The quality of work is top and we agreed cost upfront, so can’t complain I guess. x

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