Nothing feels better than finally finishing a room!  This renovation has been such a whirlwind this past 4 years and I genuinely feel like I’ve tackled it with the same haphazard method as the Tasmanian Devil! What with the pregnancy with MM, I was desperate to get the place functional at the least, but then that went out the window when I got made redundant and floored by a tough pregnancy and recovery. But finally…. Finally… I’ve tackled a room and taken it from functional to finished!

I think you can sense my excitement in this video tour.

The biggest change has to be the desk. Before I had a white Ikea desk, which didn’t quite fit the space and left two awkward spaces either side.  I also had the screens on the desk, which took up a lot of useable space. So we wall mounted these and Scott made me a purpose built desk top from scaffoldboards that were in the garage. Now the PC is hidden away in the Ikea Alex tower unit, which serves as a desk top support and my Ikea drawers (same range) serve as the support on the other side.

scaffold board desk home office update

scaffold board desk home office update

Also, the windows have been painted white (that was a horrible task and I’m not rushing to do anymore in the house!) The flooring has been changed and we had extra power points put in, so I could charge all the camera equipment and mvoe the printer to make a window seat area from the lower window.  By wall mounting and putting in more hidden storage the room has really opened up and is a real treat to work in. I just want to add some more softer textures and I’ll be done.

home office update scaffold board desk

I’ve shown you around this room before, so I’ll just leave a few close up snaps for you of the changed areas.  The details for where everything is from can be found in the previous office tour.

home office update

Gold love ornament home office update

home office update

I feel so rejuvenated to power through.  The living room is almost there, plus I’ve been tinkering in the family room/kitchen too.  Actually I’ve walked the whole house and have a wish list for each room of what needs done to finished it.  I feel that by living in it for 4 years, we have a great understanding of the space and how to make it work best for us.  For example, we have a huge coat cupboard at the back door… But we don’t use the back door, so let’s not make it a pain in the bum to put day to day essentials away, let’s address it and build a closet at the front door!

I’m running with my new found empowerment, so stay tuned for more tours!


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