Now that you are up to speed with what we have done so far. Let me outline what we want to do next, now that we have decided to stay put.

As we live in a 3 storey house, that means one thing……lots of stairs and doors! I have always hated our staircase. It’s bog standard white gloss banister and spindles. For what was a new build at the time, I found it very dated then. But we can’t afford to rip out and replace, so we are going to have to make do with this and maybe bring it up to date somehow.

I have also always wanted oak doors. We have a lot of doors! Seventeen in total. Again, these are white gloss. Since the new gloss paint came out, I’ve noticed it yellows if not in sunlight. With only 1 window serving the whole hall. This has been somewhat unkind to the doors. As such, when we replace, we want to install some glazed doors, to allow light to filter throughout from the middle floor lounge and ground floor kitchen/family room. The trouble here is that with it being a 3 storey house, any doors off the stairway are fire doors (30 minute rated), so it will be a challenge to find a manufacturer who can provide the various widths and also provide glazed fire options.

When we got the whole house decorated, I rushed to pick colours. I was pregnant at the time, so didn’t have time on my side to patch test. The paint we chose for the hallway was meant to be a grey, however I class it more of a purple now it’s on the walls.

Now I’ve been searching on Pinterest and came across the following hallway decorating ideas.

Hallway Inspiration Mood Board


1. Collage Wall 2. Wooden rail with white spindles 3. Farrow & Ball paint 4. Oak Doors 5. Captains Mirror  6. Ink blot canvass 7. Colourful quote 8. The Young & colourful Doe 9. Burlap blind

Stay tuned for updates as we tackle the hallway and also for what we intend to do with the garden and office.



  1. We have the collage picture thing going on – love it! Good luck with whatever you decide, looking forward to seeing the result x

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