Halloween Home Ideas
Etsy UK Halloween Wreath – £43.22 /Etsy UK Boo sign – £13.30/ Etsy UK Happy Halloween Cushion – £12.60

With autumn fast approaching, I’m looking at stylish ways to decorate our home for Halloween.

In the UK we tend to just opt for a carved pumpkin, or turnip in Scotland! But we can learn alot from America and really make it a holiday to remember.

The good thing about the Halloween home decor that I’ve selected, is that it can be used year after year, so much like your Christmas decorations, you can get your monies worth out of them.

Naturally, you need to turn to the likes of Etsy or Not on the High Street to find truly stylish and original decorations for your home.  Although TK Maxx have some pretty good Halloween decorations in store right now, especially wreaths and garlands.

Halloween Home Ideas
Etsy UK Boo decal – £5.98 /Etsy UK Paper pumpkins – £30 /Etsy UK Boo Picture – £8

I just love these paper pumpkins, which can easily be made, if you are crafty. Or why not decorate your walls with decals of printables.

What do you think you’ll decorate your home with this Halloween?



  1. The paper pumpkins are very cute! Must carve some pumpkins this year. 🙂 Personally I love the colours of Halloween – they’re so versatile! That cushion is lovely too. So many nice things. 🙂

    • I like the decor, but just don’t come to my house as a horror character or I’m likely to die on the spot!

  2. Sarah Golding Reply

    Wow they are the classiest halloween decor I’ve ever seen! Love the paper pumpkins especially

  3. Zoe Alicia Reply

    I am obsessed with Halloween decor! Some of it is tacky, but you’ve shown that Halloween can also be stylish x

  4. Wow, super organised! Hallowe’en is celebrated a bit differently in our house but we do the trick or treat thing with the kids every year.

  5. Sandra Harty Reply

    I am in love with the halloween wreath, I might try to make something like this rather than buy, these are really lovely bits, I was actaully in tk maxx the other day and they actually do have some lovely halloween stuff

  6. I really love the wreath from Etsy although not sure I’d like to pay that much 🙂 Some really nice ideas though, and it’s great that you can keep the decorations to resuse year after year!

  7. Ooh I love this! We go all out at Halloween.. I get it all ready in the morning so when the children are walking home from school they notice it and know where to come! X

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