In May we were invited along to check out Aberdeen’s Go Ape centre, which is based at Crathes Castle, just outside Banchory.  Famed amongst the outdoor enthusiasts, Go Ape is set up high in the tree tops and is certainly something worth trying if you like adventure.Go Ape Crathes Castle Aberdeen Review

When we arrived the team went through rigourous documentation, check lists and safety checks, before you are even let loose on the test circuit.  If, like we were, you are a total novice… don’t be put off, as the instructors are very thorough and do this multiple times a day with varying levels of ability.  Now I’m going to apologise now for the quality of the images… I had to turn to the go pro, as there was no way I was scaling the tree tops with a big heavy (and expensive) DSLR.

Go Ape Crathes Castle Aberdeen Review

Go Ape Crathes Castle Aberdeen Review

You go round with a group and we let them go first, as they lookd pretty well kitted out for the job!  We shakily climbed the first rope ladder and were almost crying with laughter at how difficult that was with the entire course ahead of us.

Go Ape Crathes Castle Aberdeen Review

Go Ape Crathes Castle Aberdeen Review

The course itself is made up of various crossings up high in the tree tops.  You are connected to the safety harness at all times, so don’t worry!  There are a couple of zip lines thrown in there, as well as a couple of leaps of faiths (so much more difficult than they looked!) There are varying difficulties in later stages, where you can decide to take the easy route, or difficult. Although we split up and went half and half, I’m not too sure easy is the word for it… there were a few other choice words that aren’t for here!

Go Ape Crathes Castle Aberdeen Review

All in all, we had an amazing time… Great company and great weather.

The course took just under 2 hours, for us beginners to complete.

Go Ape Crathes Castle Aberdeen Review

Go Ape Crathes Information

Entry is £25 (10-15 yrs) £33 for over 16 yrs

The minimum age is 10 years old

Minimum height is 1.4m (4ft7in)

Maximum weight is 20.5 stones (130kg)

If you are under 16, you will need an adult (18 and over) to participate.  Each adult can supervise 2 under 16s.

You can leave belongings at the Go Ape centre

Wear footwear with grips and comfortable clothes that won’t restrict you and that you don’t mind getting dirty

Tie long hair up, out of the way of the cables


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